Where to get microplastics in another crab’s treasure


    Microplastics are an important currency in Another Crab’s Treasure. They allow you to level up and purchase various upgrades for Krill, making him more powerful and resilient against the tougher enemies you’ll face as you progress through the game. Here’s where to get microplastics in Another Crab’s Treasure.

    How to trade microplastics in another crab’s treasure

    If you collect trash, hair pins, and similar items while exploring the ocean, you can exchange them for microplastics at Prawnathan’s Prawn Shop and Bottom Feeders. Both stores are located in the Lower Crust area of ​​New Carcinia. Unfortunately, you can’t hit him for stealing your shell and making you jump through hoops to get it back. We have marked the location of both stores in the screenshot below.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Please note that you can buy and sell junk in Prawnthan’s shop. There are some useful things you can buy here, although I would save extra money for new shells or shell insurance. Depending on the items you bring, you can earn more microplastics, so be sure to collect everything you see when you explore.

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    If you want more Microplastics, you can also visit the one mentioned above Bottom feeders. Here you will not sell garbage but you Stowaways. You’ll get a lot of them anyway, and you only have a limited number of slots available, so it makes sense to sell the useless ones.

    Just make sure you click Fire the stowaways, and Nemma will take them out of your hands. In this store you can also hire new ones and increase your stowaway capacity if necessary.

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