Star Blade, Sand Land, Monkey Ball, Crab, and Knuckles | The GI Show


    On this week The Game Informer Show The podcast, it’s all about the reviews. We had three big reviews drop this week (same day [around the same time]) as well as a TV show review. Join host Kyle Hilliard as Matt Miller discusses Stellar Blade, Wesley LeBlanc chats about another Crab’s Treasure, and Brian Shea tells us what he thinks about it. Puri TV show. Kyle also talks about his time with Sand Land and Brian shares preview impressions of the first real Monkey Ball game in years as well as the new TopSpin tennis game.

    Episode 704 – Star Blade, Sand Land, Monkey Ball, Crab, and Knuckles:

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    The Game Informer Show – Podcast Timestamp:

    00:00:00 – Introduction
    00:02:57 – Review of Stellar Blade
    00:25:13 – Overview of Sand Land
    00:38:59 – Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble preview
    00:49:23 – Another crab treasure review
    01:01:23 – Knuckles TV series review
    01:21:43 – Top Spin 2K25
    01:27:00 – Housekeeping


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