The best shells in Another Crab’s Treasure


    There are many shells in the sea, but some are much better than others. Check out the best shells in Another Crab’s Treasure and prepare for every battle.

    Top 6 Shells from Another Crab’s Treasure

    To get all the achievements in the game, you must find all the shells and use them. However, you won’t use all of them in your game, as some are pretty useless or there are better versions of them. Check out the most useful shells in Another Crab’s Treasure and be sure to get insurance for them!

    Shell hidden in another crab’s treasure

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    Yoccult Shell has been my personal favorite throughout the game and has gotten me through many boss fights. Is Middleweight so it doesn’t affect your dodging skills much, and it’s a tough shell that can withstand quite a few successes before it breaks.

    This shell is very useful because you can heal you. It doesn’t even deplete the shell’s health. As long as it is on your backYou can heal yourself as long as you have Umami charges.

    The best version of this shell is pill bottlebut you’ll only find it fairly late in the game, while the Yoccult Shell can be found in later areas of the game. sands betweenmaking it more accessible.

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    Cascadia Roll Shell in Another Crab’s Treasure

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    Cascadia Roll is another great healing shell. While I prefer Yoccult, Cascadia can be very useful in a pinch. This is a shell that take away your own health To heal you. While it can be consumed fairly quickly, this roll also increases your Umami damage.

    Works great in a fight as a momentary shell to heal quickly and then switch to a different shell you can find nearby. You can also switch to Sanctum Snail Shell which is made of Umami and you get this shell after defeating the false moon boss in Unfathom, once your crew and Roland fall down the drain.

    Cascadia Rolls are common in the expired grove area, especially in the Curdled Village and Village Gates areas, but then you can also find them randomly in other areas.

    Soda can in another crab’s treasure

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    The soda can shell can already be found in the environment from the beginning of the game and has one of the best attack skills. Releases pressurized air in the form of bubbles which will target the closest enemy. If you are in danger in close combat, you can use it to disengage and recover.

    He’s not very healthy, but he is. very common, so you can usually find many of them in the area. He valve housing He has the same ability and much more health, but he is heavy, which greatly affects your ability to dodge. That’s why I keep the soda can more mobility at the price of less health.

    Gacha Capsule Shell in Another Crab’s Treasure

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    The Gacha Capsule is a light shell with low health but high abilities. You can quickly turn around to cover great distances and inflict damage to enemies if you hit them. You can use this ability to dodge attacks that you can’t dodge otherwise or simply attack the enemy head on.

    Once you’re using the roll skill, you’re pretty much invulnerable, which is useful in boss fights. I found this to be one of the best projectiles to use when fighting Roland. If you can handle the speed, then this shell is perfect for you.

    This shell first appears when you go. against roland and then you can find it anywhere.

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    Tissue box shell in another crab’s treasure

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    A necessity in all the Flotsam Vale mess, the Tissue Box Shell eliminate all negative effects You like shooting, which slows you down and reduces your health. In addition to removing effects, the box also improve your health a little. This is a heavy shellHowever, keep in mind that dodging abilities will be limited.

    You can find the tissue box casing on the other side Flotsambut they will also be available in other areas.

    Rubber duck shell in another crab’s treasure

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    If you’re surrounded by enemies (which they love to do) and start to panic, then the Rubber Duck shell is what you need. When you use your decoy skill, will jump off your back and attack all enemies for a short time until it is destroyed. This is mainly a single-use shell to get out of dangerous situations, so try look for nearby support.

    The Duck is available in Valley of remains first, but then you can find it everywhere.

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