Where to find the storage room key in No Rest For The Wicked


    In any RPG, whenever you find a key with a specific name in front of the word, it tends to be pretty important. Case in point: a certain vault key in No Rest For The Wicked. If you’re scouring the island looking for this particular key, know that I’ve got you covered.

    If you’ve been playing No Rest For The Wicked, then you probably already know that the game contains dozens and dozens of hidden secrets, all right at your fingertips. Most of the time, these are not obvious and the key to the storage room in question fits the bill perfectly.

    How to find the storage room key in No Rest For The Wicked (map)

    You will find the key to the storage room in the West Side of Sailor’s Keep just north of where you were shipwrecked on the beach towards the island. However, to reach this part of the fort, you will first have to fight your way through its heart. The fort is full of resurrected forces, so tread carefully.

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    Once you have reached the west side of the fort, you will be looking for a Staircase leading to a small path on the side of the fort.. There you will find a piece of wood scraps spreading over the water. You can balance on these remains and you will have to do so to reach the chest that has the key to the storage room inside.

    Follow the wooden remains until you reach the center. You should see a small piece of land that you can jump to that has a chest in sight, just north of your location. Jump onto this land and open the chest, and you will have the Storage Key in your clutches.

    Where was the storage room in No Rest for the Wicked?

    So far, I haven’t managed to figure out exactly where the Storage Room is for the Storage Room key. As mentioned above, this game is full of secrets, so even I haven’t located it yet. I’m sure it’s somewhere inside Mariner’s Keep. Once you’ve found the storage room, I’ll update this guide and let you know exactly where you can find it.

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