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    Using custom decals for your wallpaper and carpeting is one of the best ways to make your home unique among other stock homes in Bloxburg. So if you want to create such a house, don’t worry! Below, I’ve selected an interesting set of Bloxburg sticker ID codes to experiment with in your home.

    All Active Sticker ID Codes for Bloxburg – Roblox

    Below I’ve included some interesting sticker pattern IDs to apply to your items in Bloxburg. My favorite sticker on the entire list is Reverse crops because of the gray color, which is soothing to the eyes and matches the minimalist theme of my house.

    Decal name Color Decal ID
    arabic angel Blue green 6298355573
    old barbie Pink 15052671949
    blue waves Blue 15024192072
    black smoke Black White 15024185219
    black honeycomb Black White 6308246607
    Brown Bag White coffee 6311696301
    baker White and blue 15086643997
    Checkered mash Grey, cream and black 6311736768
    concentric circle White 6307079404
    Contemplate Red, blue and white 6307495820
    crayon flower brown and black 6307520217
    dark edges silky white 14726788834
    broken heart Black red 6307663363
    Point Check Lines White and dark blue 15050699006
    elongated triangle Gold 15024188090
    Of flowers brown gold 6307070847
    flower lure Olive green and violet 15052645207
    gekko Green, Yellow and Cream 15050791388
    Hangers black silver 6311917073
    Hey hidden White, yellow and brown. 6311850690
    hollow circles Crimson red 15050801257
    real indian Green, blue and white 6298005413
    Jute Yellow white 14726787072
    Layers Cream 6307053335
    Match Gold and black 15024186700
    marble magic White Rose 6297979424
    middle strips White blue 6298398900
    mosita Olive green 15053015584
    mud canvas Brown, Cream and White 15050861442
    mystical war Indigo, black and white 6298253326
    Odyssey Cherry red 6298324033
    Persian stones Brown yellow 6298345938
    pink salt pink and pink 15033246873
    Bamboo Pine Cream, Caramel and Black 6311674043
    Pudding Nuclear yellow 15053114388
    pyramid mix cream and black 14726780443
    Quantum Yellow blue 15050791388
    Reverse crops Grey 6307541148
    Rings Silver 15024244051
    Real Pink, pink and black 6298350191
    spread wrap Brown and cream 15033094405
    spy glass Black, white and caramel 6307477485
    Striped Bags Blue, black and gray 6311859088
    The eye Yellow white 6311991033
    The sea Blue, white and gold 6307568966
    The emblem Green, blue and black 6298486627
    Threads Black and dark blue 14726792928
    Waves White 15024192072
    White flower White 15050678467
    White Silk White and brown 63119999854
    Zipline trails White and bright green 6311748255

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    How to use sticker codes in Bloxburg – Roblox

    Applying sticker codes in Bloxburg is easy. Follow these simple steps to create a more personalized home.

    Image from MyFullGames
    • Open Bloxburg on your respective devices.
    • Get on the game and enter your home.
    • Click any chartwallpaper or carpet in your home.
    • Copy and paste the above decal codes into the input Text’s box.
    • press the add to find your new sticker in the game.

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