How to fix no text in main menu error in Fallout 4


    Since Fallout 4 is a classic game released in 2015, you may encounter occasional performance or stability issues while playing, such as text disappearing from the main menu. Next, I’ll show you how to fix the error where there is no text in the main menu in Fallout 4.

    Solution to Fallout 4 no text error

    Fallout 4 has a bug where suddenly when you start the game, all the text disappears from the main menu, leaving only the background box visible where the text should be. This error can occur for many different reasons. I have included several ways to fix this error, but the main solution is to update and repair the game files. You can do this by:

    Update your graphics drivers and PC

    Whether you have Nvidia, AMD, or Intel drivers, you can access each software’s control panel to check for updates.

    • NVIDIA: On your taskbar, press the arrow icon in the bottom right corner to open the Nvidia GeForce Experience where you can go to drivers tab and click search for updates. Once an update finishes downloading, you will be prompted to install it.
    • amd: Right click anywhere on your desktop to view the AMD adrenaline popup software icon where you can just click search for updates on the main screen.
    • Intel: Press Alt + I on your keyboard to open the intel graphics software, where you can then head to the drivers tab to update your Intel graphics card drivers.

    If you don’t have any of these graphics drivers installed, you can head to the websites I’ve linked for each GPU manufacturer. Here you can start downloading the autodetect tool that will automatically install the graphics driver for your graphics card.

    I also recommend that you update your Windows through Windows Updates. Open the start menu and search search for updates as Windows automatically starts updating your PC.

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    Verifying your game files

    If you have the game on Steam, you can check the integrity of the game file to ensure that corrupted files are replaced while the game runs an update to ensure everything works as it should.

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    • Open Steam by going to the arrow icon on your taskbar
    • Click Steam Library at the top of the screen.
    • Find Fallout 4 and right-click on it, heading to the game properties.
    • Click on installed files and choose verify integrity of game files

    If you play from any other platform, I recommend a full reinstall to ensure all potentially corrupted files are replaced.

    DirectX Update

    Older games may use outdated DirectX libraries that may not be pre-installed on your PC by default. So, you can download the legacy DirectX libraries from the Microsoft website to ensure that you can run the game correctly. Simply click the download button and an installation file will be downloaded that includes all the libraries that can be installed by pressing Next until finished.

    I suggest trying to start the game between each of these steps. Additionally, you must restart your PC for these changes to take effect. If none of these solutions work, I recommend contacting Bethesda Supportwho can help you with any specific problem.

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