Where to find the ghost train and the heart in The Haunting Warzone and DMZ


    The passenger train in Al Mazrah received a major upgrade with The Haunting update for Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ. In addition to its monstrous new look, the train also has a lot of good loot and a special item that you must find to complete one of the Operation Nightmare challenges.

    Where to find the ghost train in Warzone and DMZ

    Image from MyFullGames

    To locate the Ghost Train, open your tactical map and look for the skull icon in the north as I marked it on the map above. The train always leaves from the same point and you will find it near the town of Al Mazrah when the match starts. You can fly to the Ghost Train in Battle Royale modes or drive a vehicle to it in the DMZ. If you’re lucky, you’ll appear right next to it.

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    How to capture the heart in Warzone and DMZ

    For the Ghost Train Haunting challenge, you must collect the train heart from the first coach. Since all the trainers are blocked by the sides, you must go to the middle section as shown in the first image. There you will find an open car from where you can enter the front half of the Ghost Train (see first image).

    Now, if you are completing this challenge in DMZ, you will have to deal with countless traps stretched from the entrance to the first car. These include tripwires, claymores, proximity mines, and even a sentry turret, so be careful and disable them carefully. While in Battle Royale modes, you just have to reach the front trainer while defending yourself from other players. After reaching the first car, take the train heart necklace from the safe to finish the challenge.

    Where to find the heat resistant key in Warzone and DMZ

    In the first car, you will also find several locked loot bins. These can be opened using the heat resistant key. I found several of these keys while looting the other compartments of the Ghost Train.

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