Diablo 4 Season of Blood – Blood Harvest, Explained


    Blood Harvests is the base game’s Season of Blood variant of Helltides, only you face blood-sucking vampires instead of the overwhelming forces of Hell. Completing them can reward you with powerful items and useful seasonal drops, useful for setting up your build for this season. So if Blood Harvests is like Helltides, how are they different? How do they work? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

    How does Blood Harvest work in Diablo 4 Season of Blood?

    Blood Harvests works effectively like Helltides, but there are some changes to the formula that make it unique for this season. A key difference is the actual items you collect while participating. In Blood Harvests, you will kill vampires to obtain two specific drops:

    • blood lure – Used in Blood Lure Pedestals located around Blood Harvest areas
    • The search key – Used in Finder’s Cache throughout a harvest of blood

    These two items are essential for obtaining rewards from a Blood Harvest event because you will use them to open its various exits and obtain the most loot. Blood Lure pedestals work very similar to the Helltide Chest in that you need to have enough Blood Lures to open one. Each pedestal requires a different amount, with the highest costs rewarding the best loot.

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    Seeker Caches are new to these types of events, but serve as an additional source of rewards in addition to normal content. These caches are not marked on the map, but are easy to spot as you pass by due to their size. You should always use your browser keys on a cache if you see one.

    What rewards come from Blood Harvest in Diablo 4 Season of Blood?

    Blood Harvests reward a wide variety of useful items to collect. Since they are a variant of Helltides, Blood Harvests still rewards you with standard crafting materials for modifying your equipment. Most importantly, Blood Harvests are a central event in the Season of Blood and therefore also drop seasonal items:

    • Covenants – While Covenants come with equipment, they also often appear in Caches during a Blood Harvest. These lootable covenants can be used to add covenant effects to your team.
    • powerful blood – Season of Blood’s main resource, Potent Blood, is used to unlock or upgrade random vampire powers, allowing you to bypass other unlock requirements as compensation.

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