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    When choosing the best starting class, weapons, or even stats to focus on in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll first want to determine what build you’re looking for. Building a mage will require putting stats into spellcasting abilities like Radiance and Inferno, but building a dual-wielding character is a completely different story. We’ve got all the details on which weapons, stats, and classes you should focus on to build the perfect two-weapon crusader. Keep reading below!

    Best Dual Wield Builds in Lords of the Fallen

    Dual-wielding is combining two great weapons and using them simultaneously against your enemies. However, to do this effectively, you’ll want to make sure you have the best possible skills, armor, and weapons for the job.

    Best Classes for Dual Wield Builds

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    When choosing a class for a dual-wield build, the most important factor you’ll want to take into account is the agility stat. You’ll want to be able to attack an opponent with precise, consecutive hits. At the same time, you’ll also want to focus on resistance, which will help you be able to carry more without feeling heavy and keep your resistance high, taking advantage of that speed factor. These are the best classes for dual wielding:

    Exiled Stalker

    The Exiled Stalker is by far the best class you can choose as a dual wielder, which is probably obvious from the character starting with two swords. This is because they have a high agility stat, the highest of all other classes. Additionally, they have balanced vitality and stamina, focusing more on survivability and speed than anything else.

    Blackfeather Ranger

    Since the Exiled Stalker is considered a more advanced class, the other, perhaps simpler, class I suggest for a dual wielder is the Blackfeather Ranger. Like the Stalker, they focus primarily on Agility aspects, but start with more Strength points at a time, something the Stalker lacks.

    Best Stats for Dual Wielding Builds

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    As mentioned above in class selection, one of the best factors for a dual wield build is speed. While you may want to try to maintain a healthy balance of your character’s stats as you progress, there are certain skills you’ll want to focus on more than others to get the best results for your build.


    The Agility stat determines your physical attack and increases your damage, as well as handling, with delicate weapons. This skill is the bread and butter of a dual-wielding build and is usually a requirement for the best weapons you’ll want to use for the build.


    Stamina is another necessity for this build because it determines your total stamina and regeneration and also influences your load and weight. Putting points into this skill will allow you to carry more without sacrificing as much mobility. Since you’re carrying two weapons instead of one, having greater stamina will help you a lot in staying agile despite the weight of both.

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    Best armor for dual wield builds

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    When trying to decide what type of armor you want to equip for your dual-wield build, I would keep a close eye on your loadout. The more weight you put on, the less speed you will have when swinging your weapon and dodging. I suggest you stick to light armor as much as you can so you can continue that quick and deadly approach.

    Discoverer’s Guide Armor Set

    The Descriptor Guide set is one of the best light armor sets you can get early in the game. I think it’s perfect for a dual-wield setup because it’s barely-there weight, allowing your payload to stay low while still providing full mitigation and toughness. You can get the full set in the lower levels of the Skyrest Bridge inside a chest in the torch-lined bridge area of ​​the crypt.

    Princess Sting Pendant

    This pendant is a special armor item that you can also find near the Skyrest Bridge crypt area, but you will need to use your Umbral Lamp to get through the barred door and reach this area. I think this item is a must for light armor, such as dual wielding, as it allows you to deal more damage with less weight and load you have.

    Best weapons to build with two weapons

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    It doesn’t matter too much which weapons you choose to dual-wield unless, of course, you’re trying to dual-wield two greatswords, which can be a bit difficult. You can use two short swords, two daggers, or even mix and match. However, I think the best weapons to use are daggers. These light, fast-moving weapons will allow you to hit your opponent multiple times without even missing a step. These are some of the best daggers you can get:

    Neophyte Dagger

    The Neophyte Dagger weighs only 2.0 and combines Wither with physical to deal a decent amount of damage, slowly eating away at your opponent’s health with each hit. What I like about this gun is how easy it is to find. You can buy it from Exacter Dumire right at Skyrest Bridge, for 600 Stamina each.

    Leather stealing knife

    This is one of the best assassin or dual-wielding swords, probably in the entire game. Not only does it weigh even less than Neophyte Blade, but it also deals fire damage and makes enemies bleed with every successful hit. You can get it from the Skinstealer boss fight or by purchasing it from Thehk-Ihir after talking to him next to Dieter’s Vestige from Path of Devotion.

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    These are just a few of the ways you can create a great dual-wielding character in Lords of the Fallen, but there are plenty of other paths you can take as well. If you’re not too worried about weight and speed, try putting more points into Strength and opt for medium double katana armor. There are also many other weapons and armor sets that you will find in the world that may work better for you, so always keep your eyes peeled.

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