Where to find Giant Goldfish in Palia


    Cozy online fantasy RPG Palia trades smacking goblins and demons for hunting, building relationships, and foraging, while keeping all the questing and exploring I love in an MMO. Servers have a low player cap, keeping it intimate, but it’s nice to have the feeling of other real players around you. And there is no shortage of secrets to find and share as you try to level up. Some fish types can be particularly elusive, so read on if you need to know where to find Giant Goldfish in Palia.

    Palia – How To Find and Catch Giant Goldfish

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    Technically, in one way, the Giant Goldfish is one of the easier fish to find in Palia as it can be found at any time of the day, in any of the ponds on both the Kilima Village and Bahari Bay maps, such as Fisherman’s Lagoon, Mirror Pond, or the small pond at Hideaway Cliffs. However, you need to use glow worms as bait to catch them, and Giant Goldfish are listed as Epic rarity fish, meaning you’re likely going to have to through quite the bucket of glow worms before you manage to catch one.

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    If you need a Giant goldfish say, for the Freshwater Bundle, you have a few options. You could get one from a player request, but be aware that Giant Goldfish have a high value of 410 Gold (or 615 for a star-quality specimen). If you’re new to Palia it can also be tricky to get glow worms. You won’t be able to buy glow worms (25 Gold each) from Einar’s Store until you reach level seven in Fishing. The more efficient method is to get them from your own Glow Worm Farm, but again the recipe for this isn’t available until fishing level seven (also from Einar’s Store).

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