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    Due to the wide variety of hero characters in Anime Switch, it will be challenging for a new player to analyze the potential of any character in the game as it takes time to play the unit and come to a conclusion. If you are such a player, don’t worry! Study the following tier list and form the best teams in the game.

    Hero Tier List – Anime Switch

    Rest assured, all heroes are meticulously categorized based on their current balance, price, and in-game usability. This ensures a fair and balanced gaming experience for all players.

    Level Heroes
    Yes Dio, Kogi, Itadori, Gogeta, Flamenco, Itachi, Hisoka
    TO Jinbel, Asta, Nezuko, Kasta
    b Baw, Igo, Manji, Kid Laruto, Ron,
    c Zoro, Goten, Chi, Lai
    d Bokku, Ruffy, Takura, Woro, Rien, Koten

    The best Switch anime heroes

    Here you can find all the Anime Switch heroes and why they belong to that particular level of the game.

    S Level

    • gave: Dio is the best hero in the game. He has incredible damage numbers and a very low cooldown for his abilities. If you’re aiming for the leaderboards, Dio should be on your team.
    • Kogi: Kogi is the best melee character in Anime Switch. You should have unity in the team if you are a base player.
    • itadori: In Anime Switch, Itadori embodies speed and power. He can execute powerful blows and quickly reposition himself using his kit. He is a hero of choice if he fights solid boss type enemies.
    • gogeta: Gogeta has crazy powers in the form of orbs and deadly kicks. He is also good at short and long range and should be on your priority list for your secondary raider.
    • Flemish: Flamingo is an excellent character for long range battles. He uses abilities like String Bullets to eliminate enemies miles away from the map in towers. Therefore, equip Flamingo for large maps where enemies camp and stay in elevated environments.
    • Itachi: Itachi is a great hero whose entire team revolves around passive bleed damage using the powers of Amatersu and Sharrigan. Due to his passive approach, he is very suitable for players who want to talk about the game slowly and strategically.
    • Hisoka: Hisko has a hero character that deals pure damage due to his card-based abilities, which are good at short and long ranges. I recommend using Hisko as your main damage dealer in PVE rooms.

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    Level A

    • Jinbel: Jinbei is the second best close range and melee style hero in Anime Switch. He channels the power of fishermen’s karate and destroys all enemies in Anime Switch. If you love close range fights and thrive in them, Jinbei should be on your team.
    • pole: Asta is another compelling character for close range combat, similar to Jimbei. Additionally, it is easy to attract the character due to the high spawn rarity of him.
    • Nezuko: Nezuko is a very defensive hero in Anime Switch. She uses her defensive abilities, such as Scrolls, to stop the strong attacks of the camping enemies. She equips the character if you need a hero who can withstand a lot of damage.
    • kasta: Sword-wielding Kasta is an excellent hero for taking on multiple smaller enemies in the game. He swings his great swords and eliminates waves of enemies in Anime Switch.


    • baw: Baw is an excellent balance between defense and attacking abilities. Deploy your shield to stop incoming attacks while using your sword to take on rushing enemies. So Baw is a must-pick if you’re looking for a supporting character with decent stats.
    • Go: Igo has excellent AOE and sword-based moves that efficiently deal with mid-level boss-type enemies. So, pick Igo if you have a hard time taking on mid-rated bosses.
    • manji: Manji is a challenging hero in Anime Switch due to his difficult-to-execute moves that require precise timing. But, if you put in the time, he can be good at medium to complex difficult mission modes.
    • naruto boy: Although Kid Laruto may look funny, he has some pretty powerful moves in the game, such as the Rasegan and the Clone Jutsu. He equips the hero as the secondary damage dealer.
    • Ron: Ron is one of the most agile characters in Anime Switch. Because of this, you can use Ron as a Poke hero to reposition boss enemies in a favorable position in boss fights.

    Level C

    • Zoro: Zoro is a beginner-friendly hero who can take out several bandits or minor marines in the game. He equips the character if you need help with crowd control.
    • goten: Goten’s entire team relies on his reversal ability, which can return any attack. Although it may look easy, it is challenging to execute, sending Goten to the C level.
    • chi: Chi is one of the Anime Switch heroes who can generate healing on her own. But apart from that, there is nothing better about herself. Use her for your builds if you are starting out in the PvP scene.
    • the I: Lai is a very normal hero. He only surpasses level D due to his scanning abilities, which allow you to prepare and strategize upcoming enemies.

    Level D

    • Ruffy: Ruffy is an average short and long range hero for beginner players. The only drawback is that he lacks a damage number and can be replaced by any B or C tier hero.
    • takura: If you need a decent hero with auto-aim skills, go for Takura. Will fire independently; you just need to guide him properly. I recommend that new beginning players learn the game mechanics with Takura.
    • Woro: Woro is another mediocre sword-based attack character in Anime Switch. The only virtue of him is that he is valuable for clearing crowds at initially manageable type levels.
    • laugh: Like Woro, Rien is only good for taking out multiple small enemies in early easy-type levels. If you don’t have Zoro, choose Rien for your build.
    • koten: Origami expert Koten has some of the coolest powers in Anime Switch. Unfortunately, none of them are effective in battle and are too weak for any game mode.
    • bokku: Bokku is like a troll character in Anime Switch. He has no valuable powers and nothing happens to him. I suggest using the character to troll your opponent in a PvP environment.

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