How to get the fist fighting style in Demon Piece


    If you are a beginner at Demon Piece, I recommend unlocking the fist fighting style to quickly start your adventure. It is one of the best combat techniques that can be used to defeat bandits and level up quickly in the game. To help you out, I’ve put together this guide to help you get the fist fighting style in Demon Piece.

    How to Unlock the Fist Fighting Style in Roblox Demon Piece

    You can get the fist fighting style by talking to Khabib NPC in Demon Piece. The fighting style hardly costs 1,000 belwhich you can easily obtain by completing quests and opening treasure chests that appear randomly throughout the map.

    Aside from this, I also suggest claiming your daily rewards which give you a whopping 50,000 on the second day which you can use to unlock the fist fighting style in Demon Piece. The only caveat, however, is that the game doesn’t mention the location of the NPC, so I’ve also covered Khabib’s spawn area on the Demon Piece map for you.

    Where to find NPC Khabib in Demon Piece

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    The NPC Khabibc is inspired by the popular world champion fighter and can be found in Logue Town, northwest of the island.. Logue Town is also known as the community place in Demon Piece, where you can also find the following NPCs:

    • Set home
    • demon fruit shop
    • Random Fruit Distributor
    • blacksmith
    • Ted
    • homework boy
    • arms dealer
    • sword collector
    • Habib
    • Attach
    • Reputation tracker
    • bounty hunter
    • Pirate Recruiter
    • Title holder

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    Fist fighting style skills explained.

    Unlike Electro Fist, the Fist fighting style has only one basic skill and two special skills:

    • Essential: Your character deals 7 damage to enemies using their fist. Use the left mouse click to use this skill.
    • Smash (Unlocked at Mastery Level 10): As the name suggests, your character slams his fist into the ground to deal 24 damage to opponents. You can use the Z button on your keyboard to activate this ability.
    • Tackle (Unlocked at Mastery Level 20): Your Demon Piece character uses the Tackle skill to protect itself from any damage received. You can use the X button on your keyboard to activate this ability.

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