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    Survival in A Dusty Trip is not just a game; It is a challenging journey that depends on collecting essential utility items such as food and torches. These items are not only tools, but also your lifeline and the key to surviving in this hostile environment. So, here is a complete list of these invaluable items and the methods to acquire them within the game to help you on this journey.

    All useful items in A Dusty Trip – Roblox

    Below I list all the useful items in A Dusty Trip and the easiest ways to acquire them in the game. Rest assured, these items are not out of reach. You can get all of the following with little effort for the challenges ahead.

    Ammo box

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    Stacking ammo boxes is not just a strategy; it is a necessity. The default amount of ammunition in each weapon, such as a Glock or AK-47, is limited. But with at least three to four With ammo boxes in your vehicle at all times, you can face any mob situation with confidence. Ammo boxes can be found inside. stories either warehousesmaking them versatile and essential items in your arsenal.

    Bowling ball

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    If you can’t find a weapon, you can always defend yourself in an emergency using a bowling ball. Equip the ball and smash all the NPC enemies that come your way. You can place a ball in almost every building in the game, except the starting building.


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    Flashlights are valuable if you’re exploring buildings like warehouses, bus stops, and shops at night. Use the item to light your way and find other resources or escape from bandits/mutants in the game. You can find lanterns inside stores, churches or house-type buildings. Remember, flashlights have a very short lifespan. Therefore, use them correctly in critical situations.

    Jerry can

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    Jerry cans are vital for storing fuel and other liquids in the game, such as gasoline, diesel, gasoline, and water. Use them to transfer prescribed items from larger barrels that can’t be transported in your car. The drums come in two colors (black and red) and can be found randomly in any warehouse.


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    If you are missing some essential supplies, you can use the Radio to request them. Please note that this is a premium feature that requires in-game currency. Radios can be found inside your car or in the wooden shelves of the initial building.

    radioactive barrel

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    The radioactive barrel may contain some fuel, but I recommend avoiding it, as opening one will cause a radioactive leak, decrease your health pool, and cause eye-related problems (smoky vision). Only attempt to open one if there is no other way to obtain fuel and be prepared for the health and vision consequences.

    Radioactive barrels can be found at gas stations and warehouses and can be easily detected thanks to their luminous yellow color.


    Shields are popular items in the game that are very useful during battles with other players or gangs of NPC gangsters. Equip the item in your hand or place it in front of your character model to protect yourself from incoming bullets. You can place a shield inside churches, stables, or garage buildings.

    Spray paint

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    Spray paints can be found inside warehouses and gas stations in A Dusty Trip. You can use it to paint your car and prevent rust. However, only a few colors, such as purple, red, yellow, and green, are available in the game.

    Wiper washer

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    The windshield wiper is a valuable item that completely heals and repairs your car in the game. Found on the wooden shelves or table in the garage of the starting building. Keep it in the trunk of your car and carry it throughout your trip in case of emergency.

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    All foods on a dusty trip

    The following foods are obtained randomly throughout the map or can be purchased at a roadside store to purchase shells. Consume them to lower your hunger rate and stay healthy in the game. Remember, regardless of the type of food, they all decrease the rating by the same amount.

    Food name Generation rate storable
    Apple High Yeah
    Banana High Yeah
    Bell pepper Low No
    Bread High Yeah
    Hamburger Low No
    Dark chocolate Half Yeah
    Donut Half No
    Garlic Low Yeah
    honey bar Low Yeah
    Pizza Half No
    Candy Low Yeah

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