How to fix woosh sound effect bug in MTG Arena


    MTG Arena is known for its immersive sound environment that brings the classic collectible card game to life. When you play a Swamp card, you can hear crickets chirping. Mountain cards sound like lava breaking and forest cards are accompanied by birdsong. These details make MTG Arena a memorable experience, but there are times when this feature goes rogue. Here is how to fix the woosh sound effect error in MTG Arena.

    How do you stop the woosh sound effect bug in MTG Arena?

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    This bug is caused by the Gix reward, Yawgmoth Praetor Exquisite Sleeve in the Brothers’ War Mastery pass. If you hover over the icon for this item, the reward preview flashes and a repeating woosh sound effect is played. This sound does not stop when you queue for a match or select a different menu tab. The only sure way to stop this audio error is restarting MTG Arenaalthough there is a way to temporarily mute the sound.

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    If you are in the middle of a match and cannot afford to restart the game, press Esc and select Audio. Locate the SFX slider and bring it down to 0%. Unfortunately, this will also mute the individual card sound effects, but stops the incessant audio. After the match is complete, restart MTG Arena and the problem should be fixed.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Since this bug prevents you from seeing the card deck preview, here’s an image of the Gix deck, Yawgmoth Praetor. This item does not appear in the Cases section of the store, so until this preview issue is fixed, the only way to see it in detail is through external images.

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