When do you read the Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best graphics at 2022?



    Last year, I identified Dead of the War (Ass of Dragons) as being worthy of the best graphic label. That year I want to go to an old MMO, Lord of the Rings online.

    But Bree, you say, LOTRO characters look like puddin-heads that fall from the ugly tree. And you would have been right. However, landscapes LOTROs have really good to do. Waaay better than they should be for a game that’s 15 years old. Is Lost Ark the best way to protect him? I mean it’s better being able to, because you’re 15 years old.

    Yes, its under no obligation to give an MMO a special point for defying their age there simply because I would. Go figure: Which MMO will boast the best graphics as of 2022?

    We recap the year, issue awards, highlight our favorite and my least favorite stories, and gather your opinions in order to see who happened last year and welcome the new one. Get a plate and take a bite of this year’s Daily Grind.



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