All new Mario characters will have four re-generated heroes



    Insider Zippospecializing in draining information about projects Nintendo shared the first details of an unannounced franchise game Super Mario.

    According to the informant, we have a project from the two-dimensional line, which is in the final stages of development. The game will give four playable heroes, namely Mariohis brother Luigiprincess Dude and Toad. An insider note that it’s going to be possible to play in an 2D franchise for the first time since the release. Mario Bros. 2 for NES.

    In addition to Zippo noted that the development of famous characters in the game series will gradually adapt to their images apparently from the upcoming film adaptation, the Nintendo is betting heavily on the tape, a little excerpt which was previously published on the net. If the announcement of a new comma, the development of an Xbox 360 or the Xbox 360, to begin on March 24, 2023, the new video game will arrive at the beginning of the movie.

    The latest major release of the 2D Italian Plumber series is the Super Mario Maker 2 2019 release. The final 3D game was Super Mario Odyssey that came out in 2017.



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