Genshin Impact Yaoyao Kit: All Abilities, Constellations, Passives, and More!



    Yaoyao is the youngest disciple of Madame Ping, a four-star Dendro polearm user who travels with a bunny named Yuegui. While she has shown to be more mature than her older co-student Xiangling, Yaoyao likes to sneak into the Crux to play games, prompting even Ganyu to make sure the boy doesn’t stay longer.

    Yaoyao is expected to drop in version 3.4. While leakers have been able to contact your kit beta files 3.4keep that in mind this information has not been confirmed and may change at any time. Also, since the text below was directly translated by the leaker, the wording may be confusing and may not be accurate to the source material..

    Yaoyao: abilities, constellations and more in Genshin Impact

    yaoyao skills

    Auto Attack: Launch and Spin Spear

    • normal attack: Perform up to 4 consecutive spear strikes.
    • charged attack: Consumes a certain amount of stamina to dash forward, dealing damage to opponents along the way.
    • dip attack: Launched from the air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the way and dealing AoE damage on impact.

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    Elemental Ability – Raphanus Sky Cluster

    • Press: Calls “Yuegui: Launch Mode”, a special device created by a certain adept to help Yaoyao solve his problems. This ability will be used differently in standby mode.
    • Hold: Enter aiming mode to adjust launch direction.
    • Yuegui: launch mode:
      • Throws white jade radishes that will explode when hitting characters or opponents, dealing Dendro damage to opponents within a given AoE and healing characters within that same AoE based on Yaoyao’s max HP.
      • If a radish hits neither an opponent nor a character, the radish will stay where it is and explode upon contact with a character or opponent, or explode after its duration expires.
      • Yuegui: Throwing Mode will choose his radish throwing targets. If all nearby characters have more than 70 percent HP left, it will throw the radish at a nearby opponent.
      • If nearby characters have 70 percent or less HP left, it will throw a radish at the character with the lowest remaining HP percentage. If there are no opponents nearby, Yuegui will throw white jade radishes at the characters, even if they all have more than 70 percent HP left.
      • A maximum of 2 instances of Yuegui: Throwing Mode can exist at the same time.
    • Cool down: 15 seconds
    • Yuegi: cast mode duration: 10 seconds
    • White Jade Radish Duration: 5 seconds

    Elemental Burst – Moonjade Descent

    • With the support of a certain adeptus, Yuegui’s full potential can be unleashed in an emergency, dealing Dendro Damage to nearby opponents and entering an unsurpassable Legacy Adept state.
    • Adept Legacy Status:
      • The generated White Jade Radishes will be changed to heal and deal damage according to this ability. The explosions will heal all nearby party members, and the Dendro damage they deal will be seen as elemental explosion damage.
      • Summons “Yuegi: Jump Mode” at intervals until its limit is reached. This version of Yuegui’s behavior is the same as “Yuegui: Throwing Mode” in the Raphanus Sky Cluster Elemental Skill. A maximum of 3 Yuegi: Jumping Mode can exist at the same time.
      • Yaoyao’s movement speed is increased by 15 percent.
      • Yaoyao’s Dendro Stamina will be increased.
      • The Adeptal Legacy state will end once Yaoyao is out of the field, and all remaining Yuegui: Jumping Mode will be cleared once this state ends.
    • Cool down: 20 seconds
    • Adept Legacy Duration: 5 seconds
    • energy cost:80

    Yaoyao Bottoms

    • Passive 1 (Star Scatter): While affected by the Adept Legacy status caused by Lunar Jade Descent, Yaoyao will constantly throw White Jade Radishes at nearby opponents when he sprints, jumps, or dashes. He can throw 1 White Jade Radish this way once every 0.6 seconds.
    • Passive 2 (In other people’s shoes): When the White Jade Radishes explode, active characters within their AoE will recover HP every 1 second based on 0.8 percent of Yaoyao’s maximum HP. This effect lasts 5 seconds.
    • Passive 3 (Follow on tiptoes): When Yaoyao is in the party, your characters will not scare Crystalflies or other animals when they get close to them. See the “Other” subcategory of the “Living Things/Wildlife” section in the archive for creatures this ability works on.

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    yaoyao constellations

    • C1 (Guardianship of the Adeptus): When the White Jade Radishes explode, active characters within their AoE will gain 15 percent bonus damage from Dendro for 8 seconds and recover 15 stamina. This form of stamina restoration can only be activated every 5 seconds.
    • C2 (innocent): While affected by the Adept Legacy status caused by Lunar Jade Descent, if White Jade Radish’s explosions damage opponents, 3 Energy will be restored to Yaoyao. This form of energy regeneration can occur once every 0.8 seconds.
    • C3 (loyal and kind): Increases the level of the Raphanus Sky Cluster by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
    • C4 (Attractive): After using Raphanus Sky Cluster or Moonjade Descent, Yaoyao’s Elemental Mastery will increase by 0.3 percent of his Max HP for 8 seconds. The maximum Elemental Mastery you can get this way is 120.
    • C5 (Compassionate): Increases Moonjade’s descent level by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
    • C6 (Beneficial): When Yuegui: Throwing Mode throws a White Jade Radish, there is a 50 percent chance that it will throw a Mega Radish that will have a larger AoE than the standard White Jade Radish and will have the following effects when it explodes:
      • Deals AoE Dendro damage based on 75 percent of Yaoyao’s attack.
      • Restores HP for the active character based on 7.5 percent of Yaoyao’s Max HP.
      • Each Yuegei: Throwing Mode can throw a maximum of 2 Mega Radishes.

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