What is Node Tracker Acquisition in Apex Legends?



    The Node Tracker takeover in Apex Legends is a special activity to participate in during the Neon Network Collection event. The Neon Tracker Collection event will take place from July 25, 2023 to August 8, 2023 and will feature Node Tracker Takeover, Valkyrie’s Prestige Skin, 24 collectibles, and more.

    To participate in the Node Tracker Takeover, jump into any unranked Battle Royale match and use a Node Tracker to find locations to hack and receive exclusive rewards. During the match, your node tracker will ping locations on the map so you can travel around and collect computer nodes.

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    What are computer nodes in Apex Legends?

    Compute Nodes are the new currency used in the Neon Grid Collection Event in Apex Legends. Once you collect Computer Nodes in an unranked Battle Royale match, you will receive a post-match reward to spend in the rewards shop. Here are all the rewards you can get and how many computer nodes they cost:

    • Loba Epic Skin: 7000 Compute Nodes
    • Epic R-301 skin: 5000 compute nodes
    • Charm and Neon Network Package: 4000 compute nodes
    • Epic Banner Frame – 3000 Computer Nodes
    • Epic Holospray: 3,000 compute nodes
    • Battle Pass Tier (Repeatable): 2000 Compute Nodes
    Image via EA

    There are three Charm and Neon Network Pack packs to collect in the reward shop, and the battle pass tier reward is only unlocked after purchasing all the items in the reward shop. Once you purchase all the items, you will be able to purchase a Battle Pass tier as many times as you like while the event is running.

    Collecting Computer Nodes will also unlock Neon Network Badges. Collecting 30,000 computer nodes will unlock all four badges for the event.

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