How long is the Pikmin 4 demo and does it carry over to the full game?



    Pikmin 4 is out now, but a demo is available for people who want to try before they buy. If you’re wondering if your progression from the demo carries over to the full release, then you’re in for good news.

    Does progress from the Pikmin 4 demo carry over to the full game?

    Any progress you make in the Pikmin 4 demo will carry over to the full release. This means that if you download the demo and play it, you won’t lose anything when you buy the full game. This has become a common theme in games with demos, and it’s a nice feature for people who are on the fence about buying.

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    While Pikmin 4 is the fourth game in the long-running franchise, it marks a perfect starting point for newcomers, which is why having the demo is so important. It turns out that there is also a considerable part of the game available for free.

    How long is the Pikmin 4 demo?

    If you would like to download the Pikmin 4 demo, you can do so on the Nintendo eShop. Once you’ve downloaded everything to your Switch, you’ll have a few hours of content available to you. You’ll learn to follow the tutorial that teaches you the basic controls and you’ll see the plot unravel a bit. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of hand holding right off the bat, so the demo doesn’t exactly give you the best impression of what the full game will be like.

    Of course, you’ll need to buy the full game to see more than that, but the demo is a nice treat for those looking to get their feet wet. Pikmin is a surprisingly deep franchise that seems simple on the surface. There’s a lot of strategy to master Pikmin, but it’s still easy and accessible to everyone.

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