Honkai Star Rail Best Blade Build: Cones of Light, Relics, and More!



    Blade is a five-star wind character who follows the path of destruction. He is a Stellaron hunter who will do anything to free himself of his immortality, but fans of his good looks will disagree. If you were lucky enough to lure the charismatic character of him into the limited banner, here’s everything you need to know about building it.

    Best light cones for Blade on Honkai Star Rail

    Most destruction light cones have conditional requirements, making them annoying to trigger, especially when playing on auto. Here are some easier options you can use in Blade.

    • the unreachable side (Best Five Star Option) – This is the best option for Blade as it is his dedicated five star, so he increases all the stats he needs to perform efficiently.
    • under the blue sky – A great four-star option that increases Blade’s ATK by default and further increases its CRIT rating when defeating an enemy.

    The best free light cone for Blade

    The best free Light Cone for Blade is the three-star one. mutual death as it increases your CRIT rate if your HP is below 80 percent. The only downside is that you have to control his HP to maximize the passive bonus, which requires a bit more attention during battle.

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    Best Relic Sets for Blade on Honkai Star Rail

    The best set of relics in the Blade slot would be four pieces of Longevous Disciple, which has bonus stats tailored to his kit. If you just unlocked Corrosion Cavern for this set and need to buy time to farm, I recommend using Eagle of Twilight Line as a temporary placeholder.

    • long-lived disciple
      • two piece bonus: Increases Max HP by 12 percent.
      • four piece bonus: When the user is hit or their HP is consumed by an ally, their CRIT rating is increased by 8 percent for two turns and up to two stacks.

    What stats should you boost in Blade?

    Blade is a full DPS, so it’s a good idea to get a CRIT rate or CRIT DMG main stat on his body. I prefer the CRIT rate to make it easier to hit the minimum requirement of your preferred planar trims. Meanwhile, S.P.D. Shoes are always a great option, but if you combine Blade with Advanced Forward and SPD, you can trade them in for HP some. Go for the CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, SPD, and HP sub-stats as well.

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    Best Flat Ornaments for Blade on Honkai Star Rail

    Both Inert Salsotto and Rutilant Arena are great options for Blade, so use the set that returns the best substats. Note that they both have a high CRIT rate requirement, so be sure to stack this sub-stat on your relics.

    • inert salsotto – Increases the user’s CRIT rate by 8 percent. When the user’s current CRIT rate reaches 50 percent or more, the user’s ultimate and follow-up attack DMG is increased by 15 percent.
    • Sparkling Sand – Increases the user’s CRIT rate by 8 percent. When the user’s current CRIT rate reaches 80 percent or more, the user’s basic ATK and skill DMG are increased by 20 percent.

    For the main stats of Blade’s Planar Ornament, prioritize getting a HP Link rope and a Wind DMG Flat sphere.

    Best Blade Team Composition on Honkai Star Rail

    Blade is a character from Wind who follows the Path of Destruction. He is a primary DPS unit that pairs well with supports that can allow him to move faster, including Asta and Bronya. It’s always a good idea to have a healer/cleanser on the team (any will do), especially since Blade consumes HP to deal damage.

    For more on Blade, check out the Honkai Star Rail Blade kit, all abilities, traces, and eidolons here on MyFullGames.



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