What does the OP title mean in Blade Ball? OP title, explained


    Some Roblox fans may have hopped on Blade Ball and seen the letters “OP” in front of people’s names. While it seems like a really special achievement, it’s actually not difficult to achieve. Anyone can get this title just by winning a game. Follow these steps and you too can be considered “OP”.

    What does OP mean in Blade Ball?

    OP doesn’t seem to be any different in Blade Ball than it is in general gamer parlance. Blade Ball apparently wants to acknowledge that certain players are “overpowered” by their performance in the game. Overpowered (abbreviated as OP) refers to a player who is so strong in a certain game that opponents cannot handle him. This is a bit ironic in the case of Blade Ball, however, as it’s not like players have to do something incredibly difficult to get the OP title.

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    How can you get the OP title in Blade Ball?

    Obtaining this title is very simple. All you need to do is open your own server and win a match. It doesn’t matter who you beat, it can be anyone. After winning that match, you will earn the OP title for future Blade Ball matches. If you’re having trouble winning a game, check out our tips and tricks guide.

    To create a private server, see the Blade Ball Roblox menu. On the Servers tab, select “Create private server.” After that, just invite someone to beat and you’ll have that OP title in no time.

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