Lords of the Fallen: All Status Effects, Explained


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    Lords of the Fallen has several status effects that you can inflict and deal yourself. Each state is unique and dangerous in its own way. If you’re looking to get the upper hand on the deadliest enemies in the game, then you’ll want to know everything there is to know about status effects. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place to learn all about them. Here is Lords of Fallen Status Effects 101.

    All Lords of the Fallen status effects

    1. Bleed

    Bleeding is a status effect inflicted by most blade or piercing attacks. The status deals physical damage over time (DoT) once the Bleeding status bar fills. If inflicted by the Bleed status, it can be removed instantly using Bleed Cure.

    2. burn

    Burn is a status effect inflicted when excessive Fire damage is taken from any Fire source. The status deals fire damage over time (DoT) once the burn bar fills. Note that players can also freely inflict this status through Lesser Fire Salts or any spell or item that deals fire damage. The status can be removed using Burn Cure.

    3. Poison

    Poison is a status effect that causes Poison DoT once your status bar fills. This type of damage is dealt when hit with significant amounts of poison damage and can be healed with Poison Cure.

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    4. Hit

    Smite is a status effect that heals Holy damage over time (DoT) once your status bar is full. Applying excessive Holy damage will afflict the target with the Smite status. Can be cured with Smite Cure.

    5. Wither

    Wither is a unique status effect that reduces your maximum health pool represented by a white bar covering it. The more Wither damage you take, the more the white bar will reduce your health. When you are caught in an attack, you take the entire white bar as actual health damage. Wither is inflicted on you by entering the Threshold state and blocking attacks. Inflicted on enemies when they attack his flayed soul.

    6. Turn on

    Ignite is a status effect that is inflicted when hit with excessive Ignite damage. The status causes a burst of Fire damage when the status bar fills to capacity. There is no known fix for this condition at this time, but if one is discovered I will update.

    7. Freezing

    Freeze is a status effect that is inflicted when enough Frost damage is taken. Frostbite lowers your overall defensive stats as its primary mechanic. It is possible that it has an additional effect and once all its secrets are deciphered, I will tell you about it here.

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