Guide to the first boss of Lords of the Fallen


    Lords of the Fallen is about exploring the mysterious world and facing tough boss fights. Even the first boss, Pieta, is difficult to defeat due to her lethal moveset and attacks, causing new players to spend hours if they don’t understand the Dark Souls-like gameplay mechanics. So if you are a novice player struggling to get past the initial boss, I recommend that you learn how to parry (counterattack) and follow the following tips.

    How to defeat Fallen Pieta Boss – Lords of the Fallen

    Before you do anything, please change your mindset. Lords of the Fallen is not another casual open-world AAA game like Assassin’s Creed or Cyberpunk. It is a challenging title like the Bloodborne, Sekiro and Dark Souls series. So have a competitive spirit and be prepared to repeat each fight.


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    Although there are some secret weapons that you can get on the way to Pieta, you can defeat her using your default load available from the beginning.

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    Piety, That of the Blessed Renewal – Phase I

    The first phase of the fight is pretty easy if stay 3 to 5 feet away from her and dodge long strikes. After evading, approach her and deal damage with your main weapon. You can speed up this process by using grenades or Fire Salts in between. While it is advisable to be close, try to stay away from his ground attack.

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    Remember, it’s also the best time to learn how to parry for future bosses. So, in addition to evading, try to block his attacks. Initially it will be a challenge due to the long sword swings from him. Follow the rhythm of its animation to perfect the art of stopping. Don’t make it difficult for yourself as it will take time to learn the skill. Keep repeating the above process until she loses a third of your health and the battle moves to Phase II.

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    Piety, That of the Blessed Renewal – Phase II

    In Phase II, Pieta will begin to move a lot, which involves flying and summoning spectral entities. During this range of movement, stand near the edges of Bridgeway and throw grenades at it. Once she stops moving and stands near you like in Phase I, she deflects, attacks, and uses grenades to mark her health.

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    Another thing to keep in mind is their AOE type swords that appear from the sky. When this happens, notice that the lane is about to drop and change paths.

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    Rinse and repeat everything until you take down Pieta and advance to the next level.

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