What do Warmind Cells do in Destiny 2?


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    In Destiny 2, players can customize their game using a variety of mods to drastically alter their damage shaping or playstyle. Some of the most fun mods to run are the Warmind Cell mods, which are one of three combat style mods. Pairing Warmind Cell mods with certain weapons can spawn orbs that can explode to deal damage. However, Warmind Cells can have many other useful effects as well, depending on which mods you choose to equip. In this guide, we’ll go over how Warmind Cells work in Destiny 2.

    How Warmind Cells work in Destiny 2

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    Warmind Cells are orange colored orbs that resemble Rasputin, albeit much smaller. These orbs appear when killing enemies with seventh seraph either IKELOS weapons, having a Warmind cell mode equipped in the Combat Style Mod slot on your Armor. Once you spawn a Warmind Cell, it will fall to the ground and detonate after a few seconds, or after taking a few shots from you or any member of your fire team. At basic level, explosions from Warmind Cell will cause nearby enemies to take damage. However, combining different Warmind Cell mods will also grant additional effects such as healing, burning, and AoE utility. The following are all of the Warmind Cell mods and how they work in Destiny 2.

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    All Warmind Cell Mods

    • global reach – Warmind Cell’s blast radius is increased.
    • Chosen of the Warmind – Destroying or collecting a Warmind Cell creates a radial explosion that knocks enemies away.
    • Rasputin’s Blessing – Picking up a Warmind Cell increases the chance to spawn a Warmind Cell with your next final hit using a Seraph weapon.
    • rasputin force – Collecting a Warmind Cell grants melee energy.
    • warmind light – Become Charged With Light after collecting a Warmind Cell.
    • modular lighting – Collecting a Warmind Cell unleashes a blast of chained arc energy around you.
    • protective energy – Collecting a Warmind Cell will grant you an overshield.
    • Rasputin’s Wrath – Solar splash damage final hits have a chance to spawn a Warmind Cell.
    • cells on fire – Destroying a Warmind Cell creates a blast of solar energy that burns nearby enemies.
    • Fire Team Medic – Destroying a Warmind Cell heals you and nearby allies.
    • incinerating light – Become Charged With Light after killing multiple enemies in quick succession via a Warmind Cell blast.
    • fire light – Killing multiple enemies in quick succession via a Warmind Cell blast generates an Orb of Power.
    • Wrath of the Warmind – Adds extra sun damage to Warmind Cell explosions.
    • Warmind Longevity – The Warmind Cells you generate last longer before exploding.
    • Warmind Protection – You take reduced damage from enemies that stand near a Warmind Cell.
    • warm mind grip – You can pick up, carry and throw a Warmind Cell. You can only do this once per Warmind Cell.
    • Light of darkness – Become Charged with Light after killing enemies in quick succession using weapons or abilities while standing near a Warmind Cell.
    • Cell Suppression – Damaging a Warmind Cell creates a burst of Void-suppressing energy. You deal less damage to Warmind Cells.
    • Rasputin Power – You gain increased weapon damage against enemies near a Warmind Cell.

    How to Spawn Warmind Cells in Destiny 2

    There are several ways to generate Warmind Cells in Destiny 2. Killing a certain number of enemies while using a seventh seraph either IKELOS weapon with a Warmind Cell module equipped on your armor, will spawn a Warmind Cell. Although the in-game description of Warmind Cell mods may hint that Warmind Cells spawn by chance, it’s actually not that random. Depending on the type of enemy you kill, you can roughly estimate when the next Warmind Cell will spawn. Generally speaking, every four to five enemies with a red health bar you kill will spawn a Warmind Cell. On the other hand, every two or three enemies with an orange health bar have a chance to spawn a Warmind Cell, while enemies with a yellow health bar will always spawn a Warmind Cell upon death.

    Where to get Warmind Cell mods in Destiny 2?

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    The only way to get Warmind Cell mods is from ADA-1 in the Tower in exchange for Glimmer. Every day, ADA-1 will sell up to two combat style mods per 10,000 flashes each. The availability of Warmind Cell mods is subject to RNG. However, since Warmind Cell mods are classified as combat style mods, ADA-1 has a good chance of offering one quite often.

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