What are the coins and purple things for in Super Mario Wonder?


    As with any game in the Mario series, you’re sure to find some coins in Super Mario Wonder. However, the game features some purple coins, which are separate from the normal gold coins. It may seem vague what these purple coins do in the game, but they are actually a valuable currency worth acquiring.

    What are purple coins in Super Mario Wonder?

    There are two types of coins in Super Mario Wonder; the normal gold coins and the purple coins. Gold coins are easily collected in each level, while purple coins are usually more difficult to obtain. The official name of the purple coins is actually Flower Coins, and they can then be used at Popplin Shops to purchase some power-ups.

    Not only will you find Flower Coins by themselves in each level, but there are also three large shapes that have 10 Flower Coins. They are similar to Dragon Coins from older games like New Super Mario Bros. Once you collect a bunch of Flower Coins in a level, you won’t have to get them again when you play that level again.

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    Popplin stores only sell a few items, but they are all useful. This is what you can find in a Popplin store:

    • 1 advantage Fungus: It’s always good to stock up on lives. These items give you an extra life.
    • Standee Surprises: These give you an extra Standee to use in multiplayer.
    • Insignia: Items that give the character an extra ability. Some of these skills really help at certain levels.
    • Wonder Seeds: Items that can help unlock areas of the map.

    Of these items, I would recommend prioritizing badges. They have saved me more than once from some premature deaths. Shout out to the hat badge for allowing me to float over a bunch of piranha plants.

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