8 Tips and Tricks for Endless Dungeon Beginners


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    Endless Dungeon is all about clearing waves of enemies and unlocking new levels. While the objective may seem simple, you must learn every aspect of the game in detail, from correctly selecting team equipment to managing resources to beat a single level. So if you are a new player struggling to finish the initial few levels of the game, read the entire article till the end.

    Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Endless Dungeon

    Team and character selection

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    The most important thing that everyone needs to keep in mind until the end is their team’s roster. Don’t create a team by studying each character’s individual abilities. Instead, select it based on the most common enemy types in the level. For example, if you are going to play in a Devotion Garden full of insect-type enemies, it is better to have a character like Shroom who can counter all enemies and heal your main character on your team than someone all-powerful like Blaze.

    Character swap

    Remember to swap characters regularly from the beginning. I never changed roles during my initial 3-4 hours of play, which hampered my overall progress as I died multiple times due to poor character management. For example, if one of your characters is low on health, switch to your support character, such as Shroom to heal your character or Fassie to provide an additional stat boost to keep you alive.

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    Identification of enemy types

    Learn to identify your enemy types and how to counter them. Whenever you see an enemy spawn area (the section of the room with a red area), inspect it and discover its weaknesses. For example, if your enemies are vulnerable to burn damage, deploy burn turrets and equip a flamethrower.

    Turret Deployment

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    Always place a turret strategically rather than placing it adjacent to a resource generator or spawn point. The best areas to keep a turret are at a crossroads or at the entrance to the gate section. Also, try pairing turrets instead of using the same one everywhere. If you’re going to put in a machine gun turret, pair it with something like Jelly. This way, you can slow down the enemy before hitting them with the automatic machine gun.

    Resource management

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    Resource management is one of the essential parts of Endless Dungeon. Although all three resources are vital, you should always try to focus on opening new Food and Industry generators as they are the most necessary. Also, save both resources and don’t waste them building turrets or using medkits when you have support like Shroom on the team.

    Resource Protection

    Protecting your resources is as important as cultivating them. Place turrets or barriers at the gate entrance to prevent monsters from lynching them. Additionally, whenever a wave begins, provide personal protection to resource generators such as scientific or industrial points.

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    Weapon and character upgrades

    From time to time, upgrade the weapons at your disposal. To do this, collect scraps scattered around the map or by completing missions. Take this scrap metal to the NPC Cartie in the lobby and upgrade the weapons according to your choice. Also, try to upgrade weapons based on your scenario scenario. If you want to clear Devotion Garden, upgrade weapons with Acid or Burning elements to help at higher levels.

    Crystalbot Security

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    Always protect your crystalbot at all times. Before starting a wave, build turrets around the glass robot, and once it starts, stay close to it until the end. Maintain this high level of security even during the escort to the green door. Stay ahead of the robot and eliminate the enemies that attack it as you move.

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