How to ‘Follow in the Doomed Paladin’s Footsteps’ in Lords of the Fallen


    With the use of your handy Threshold Lamp, you will find many secrets waiting to be discovered. If you’re a fan of the story elements like me, you’ll appreciate the stigmata found throughout the world featuring different characters. One character you will encounter is the paladin whose lamp you now wield yourself. Following in the Paladin’s footsteps can lead to great rewards, including the hidden Dark Crusader class, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Keep reading below for all the steps on how to complete this side quest.

    Lords of the Fallen Paladin Isaac Quest Guide

    You may have reached an area on the Path of Devotion where you noticed a large threshold door indicating that you must “follow in the footsteps of the condemned paladin” before you are allowed to enter. This is a secret boss fight that can only be completed by following in Paladin Isaac’s footsteps and collecting all of his stigmata in his past locations. There is four stigmata You will need to collect the full amount, and to do so you will need to have progressed to at least Calrath.

    To start the mission, you will also need to have the skinned skin, which you should have from the starting area of ​​the game. You can check your inventory in the Quest items tab to make sure you have it. If you don’t have it, return to Ranik’s Vestige, run down the hill and turn right past the battlefield area where you first fought Lightreaper, and you’ll see the item on the edge of the cliff. (or just before the locked door if you’re in Threshold). Once you have it, you can begin the path to each Stigma.

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    All Stigma Paladin Locations in Lords of the Fallen

    The stigmata are a place where you will see blue butterflies flying in the air. In the Umbral realm, you Soulflay them to see a past scene that took place in this location. To ensure you get credit for each one, be sure to wait until the end of the voice lines and watch the reward items appear on the right side of the screen; These are usually Threshold Scrubs. You will find the Paladin’s Stigmata in the different locations shown below.

    Under Calrath

    The first stigma is found in the burning town of Lower Calrath, just after exploring Fitzroy’s Gorge. To find it easier, teleport to the Vestige of Sebastian.

    From the vestige, go down the stairs and turn right, where there is a broken bridge. Transition to Threshold now and you can cross the repaired bone bridge. After crossing the bridge, turn immediately left and you will see Paladin Stigma kneeling. Soulflay to activate it and wait until you get the reward, which should be a Wooden Dark Crusader Cross.

    Cold Curse Fief

    The next two stigmata are found in Fief of the Chill Curse. This area can only be accessed by obtaining the Andreas of Ebb’s Fief Key on the Skyrest Bridge. You can get it from him, either by talking to him multiple times or eventually finding him as an object on the ground where he used to be.

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    Once you have the key, teleport to the Vestige of Marco the Axe. This is where you will see the door locked with ice and the bell hanging over it. Interact with the door to use the key to unlock it, giving you access to the Fief of the Chill Curse location.

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    To find the first stigma, you will have to continue through the area until you reach the Vestige of Svornil. To get there, you’ll need to transition into Threshold so you can Soulflay the blockage rooted in the path on the left. Now you will continue forward, following the path until you reach the mini-boss, Kinrangr Guardian. You will have to complete this boss battle and exit the cave, where you will reach the Vestige of Svornil and the second Stigma.

    The third stigma is going to be much more difficult. You will have to advance through the Fief of the Chill Curse until you reach the Hollow Crow Chief. This starts by going up the stairs in Svornil’s Vestige and opening the door so you can continue. Now you will want to continue following the path until you reach the Vestige of Loashwhich is right outside the Hollow Crow arena.

    The battle of Hollow Crow is no easy task; It consists of three waves in which you must dodge a bunch of ice crystals, avoid the mobs around you, and try to defeat the Threshold entity, Lucy, tied to the giant crow. After completing this, look for the door with the lit torch and go down the ladder. Follow the narrow path to your left and then continue straight across the bridges until you reach another staircase and go down. When you come back out, look to your left to see a broken wooden bridge. Transition to Umbral and follow the river to the right. Eventually, you will reach a dead end where you will see the third stigma.

    path of devotion

    The last stigma can be found in the Path of Devotion, which is another area that can only be accessed by key. He Basking perch key can be obtained by purchasing it at Stomund or find it instead on the floor of the Skyrest Bridge.

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    With this key, teleport to Vestige of blind Agatha, where you will see the door, surrounded by bells and candles, which you can open with your key. From the entrance here, you’ll want to head to the Dieter’s Vestige.

    You’ll want to follow the paths through the caves, avoiding enemies as much as you can until you reach the outdoor viewing area. Here, you will need to be in Threshold to cross the bone bridge and continue following the caves once again until you reach a large boss room. Instead of approaching the boss, turn right and go up all the stairs. Follow the path until you reach outside, where you will see a bunch of eye-shaped poles sticking out of the ground and the vestige just ahead.

    From Dieter’s Vestige, follow the path down until you see a hill directly in front of you. Transition to Threshold, go up the hill and you will see the last stigma on the edge of the cliff next to the tree. Make sure you get Umbral Scourings after listening to the voice lines to complete this step completely.

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    How to unlock the paladin’s door in Lords of the Fallen

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    Now that you have activated all four stigmata, you can head to the Paladin’s Gate and face the boss of Paladin’s Burden. Go down the path from where you picked up the fourth stigma until you reach an area with several enemies, including an archer on the hill in front of you. It’s up to you if you want to try to take on these enemies, but I found it easier to run away.

    Make sure you are in Threshold and you will notice that the door will no longer block your path; instead, use Soulflay to extend the bone bridge towards you and cross. You will need Soulflay the Stigma in the middle of the arena to activate the boss fight. Upon defeating the boss, you will receive the Umbral Dyed Flayed Hide, several Umbral Scrubs, and a Remnant Seed.

    How to get the paladin set in Lords of the Fallen

    Once you have the Umrabl’s Dyed Skinned Hideteleport back to Ranik’s Vestige and return to the place where you found the skinned skin. In Threshold, you can now interact with the door here and use the new Skinned Mask to unlock it. Enter it and you can pick up the full paladin set, including Paladin Isaac’s Sword, from the item spot on the ground.

    How to unlock the Dark Crusader class in Lords of the Fallen

    However, this is not the end of the search. To completely finish the quest line, you’ll need to face Lightreaper once and for all with Paladin Isaac at your side. To do this, go to sand at Upper Calrath, where you face the Lightreaper. Make sure you have been defeated once so you can call upon the paladin Isaac before entering a second time. Then, defeat Lightreaper and you’ll unlock the Dark Crusader secret class for New Game+. Unfortunately, if you already defeated the Lightreaper on your own before starting this mission, you won’t be able to do so.

    Although it is a long and somewhat frustrating mission, it is worth it for the great rewards that you cannot obtain any other way. You’ll also get the Vengeful Reflection achievement to show off your hard work.

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