Watcher of Realms Codes (July 2023)


    There is something epic about defending the kingdom against the evil hordes. While a high fantasy setting is always welcome, Watcher of Realms is the first and foremost tower defense game. Therefore, the game mechanics are much more important to me than the look of the units. Having said that, it’s nice to have brave warriors that look great. But getting them is not easy as WoR is a gacha game so getting the best towers/units is not easy. Fortunately, there are some Watcher of Realms codes to help.

    Every time I start playing a free game I immediately search for gift codes. I need that extra boost in the beginning, since almost all free games revolve around the grind. That’s especially true for gacha games, where you have a lot of characters to unlock and upgrade. Watcher of Realms is just that, so having extra gems (in-game currency), summon crystals (to get units), gold, and experience is a priority. I had a similar situation with the codes for Anime Adventures, which is also a tower defense game.

    List of all Watcher of Realms codes

    Watcher of Realms Codes (Working)

    These are all the Watcher of Realms job codes.

    • wor888—Redeem for 30 Diamonds, x1 Rare Summoning Crystal, 2k Hero EXP Potion, and 2k Gold (New)
    • wor777—Redeem for x1 Rare Summoning Crystal, x20 Rare Skill Dust, 2k Gold, and 2k Hero EXP Potion
    • worlaunch713—Redeem for x1 Rare Summoning Crystal, 100 Stamina and 5k Hero EXP Potion
    • wor123—Redeem for x1 Rare Summoning Crystal, 5k Hero EXP Potion, and 100 Stamina

    XGAME Codes (Expired)

    These are expired WoR codes.

    • There are no expired codes.

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    How to redeem codes in Watcher of Realms

    Follow the instructions below to redeem codes at Watcher of the Realms.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Start Watcher of Realms.
    2. Full walkthrough.
    3. Click on the profile picture in the top left-hand corner.
    4. Click on the settings button.
    5. Click on the redeem code button.
    6. Enter the job codes in the Enter the redemption code Text’s box.
    7. Click on the OK button.
    8. back to the Main screen.
    9. Click on the three line button in the upper right corner.
    10. Click on the mail icon.
    11. Click on the claim all on the left side of the screen to get your free rewards.

    How can you get more Watcher of Realms codes?

    Bookmark and visit this page often for more Watcher of Realms codes. Another way to know more about the gifts is to join the official page Watcher of Realms Discord ServerFollow the developer’s Twitter @observadorderealmsand the WoR Facebook Page. While Discord is the most popular option, I recommend checking the game’s Facebook page often to make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards.

    Why aren’t my Watcher of Realms codes working?

    Most codes expire after a while, so be sure to redeem WoR codes as soon as possible. If you find any codes on our list that have expired, please let us know. Be careful when entering code, as one letter can make all the difference. Avoid this by copying and pasting code directly into the text box.

    Other ways to get free rewards in Watcher of Realms

    Be sure to visit the Watcher of Realms Discord and Facebook pages frequently, as the developers frequently run giveaways. You can be rewarded with more than 500 diamonds and even summoning crystals! I know how much those rewards can help, so I try to participate in all official events. At least until the rewards are good.

    What is the Watcher of the Realms?

    Watcher of Realms is a free tower defense game with gacha and idle mechanics. It is similar to many gacha RPG anime titles apart from the tower defense combat system. While looking for the strongest units, I recommend that you use the Watcher of Realms codes frequently. I know what I do!

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