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    Nimbus is a support exosuit in Exoprimal that is one of the most mobile and unique, with its switching back and forth between damage and healing. I enjoy playing with her the most because of her rapid-firing dual weapons. However, whether or not she is one of the best Exosuits could entirely depend on how you choose to build and customize her. Rigs and Modules can make or break a Suit with their special power-ups and power-ups. Here’s everything you need to know to make Nimbus stand out and use her abilities to enhance her strength!

    How to Unlock Nimbus in Exoprimal

    Nimbus is a special additional Exosuit option in Exoprimal that will require players to purchase to unlock it. You will have to wait to arrive player level 20 to buy it with in-game currency bike coinOr do you have to buy the Head Start Kit Deluxe Edition or DLC to get it right away.

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    How to customize the Nimbus suit in Exoprimal

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    Each Exosuit can be customized to your liking by changing their Rigs and Modules and cosmetically customizing them by changing their skins. Nimbus is a support suit, so I think it’s best to focus on upgrades that can optimize your healing techniques and speed. Take a look at our lists of some of the customization options we think work best for her:

    The best Nimbus equipment

    Rigs are interchangeable on each exosuit. They offer an extra special ability to your collection depending on what you have equipped. Since Nimbus is a support suit, I find the more protective and healing outfits work better:


    The Aid Rig fires an energy projectile that creates a repair field. This repair field will heal all allies within its radius. Since Nimbus’s heals focus on one ally at a time, this Rig can be very useful for healing all teammates at once with AoE.


    Another Rig that I think works best with the Nimbus is the Shield Rig. Like the Aid Rig, the Shield Rig pops up and down, only this is a shield that will block some incoming projectiles and keep your teammates safe within radius. This is a great additional support move, giving Nimbus a bit more time to heal up his teammates in danger.

    The best Nimbus modules

    Modules are special upgrades that can be equipped to each suit that grant them benefits and power-ups in specific areas. Each suit has its own specific suit modules, along with some basic modules that can be equipped with any suit. These are the modules that I think work best to achieve maximum efficiency from Nimbus:

    Module 1: Speed ​​shot

    One of Nimbus’ best qualities is its speed, so its speed shot continues to build on those already great assets. Increases his health repair by 20%, increases the speed of his projectiles, and allows them to pass through allies. The only drawback is that it removes the seek effect.

    Module 2: Quick Change

    Nimbus has to switch from damage to healing to repair his allies, so Rapid Switch comes into play. It allows your Switch to work faster and reduces some of that cooldown so you can switch back and forth with ease.

    Module 3: Quick Holo

    Again focusing on his fast items, Quick Holo allows Nimbus to use his Holo ability much faster and have less delay to reactivate again. This will keep Nimbus agile and ready to be at an ally’s side as quickly as he can. Or if he needs to make a quick getaway, his Holo will be ready and ready to go.

    basic modules

    Basic Modules are small buffs that any suit can equip. Although they may not be as useful as the suit modules, they can still be useful for the goal you are trying to achieve. Here are some of the best basic modules that I would recommend using for Nimbus:

    • Regeneration
    • recharge efficiency
    • Recovery

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    All Exoprimal Nimbus abilities and stats

    Screenshot via Capcom

    Nimbus is a truly balanced character because not only can he provide additional firepower to a team, but his healing can be powerful as well. His abilities offer the best of both worlds, and when you have the right gear and modules equipped, they can be extremely powerful. Take a look at all of his abilities below:

    mars and apollo

    Mars and Apollo are Nimbus’s trusted double guns. They fire together as single shot projectiles, either dealing damage to enemies or healing allies depending on the Rend or Mend switch.

    • Damage: 30-60
    • Cicatrization: 150

    mode change

    The mode change is what changes the dual guns, Mars and Apollo, from damage mode or healing mode. It also automatically reloads weapons as you use them.

    • exchange time: 1 second
    • Cool down: 4 seconds

    holographic distortion

    Holo Warp is one of Nimbus’s unique abilities that sends a hologram advancing. He remembers allies he hits or can be used to teleport to his location and heal nearby allies more quickly.

    • Duration: 3 seconds
    • Cicatrization: 200
    • Cool down: 16 seconds


    Spreadshot is a blunt ability that sends out a barrage of shots at once. Depending on whether you have Heal or Rend selected, it will deal more damage or heal more players at once.

    • Damage: 25×11 (275 total)
    • Cicatrization: 25×11 (275 total)
    • Cool down: 10 seconds

    antipodal explosion

    Antipode Burst is an On-Death ability that activates only when Nimbus has fallen. Send out a shockwave that heals players in the radius and knocks back enemies.

    How you choose to build Nimbus is completely up to you. Different combinations of Rigs and Modules will create a different experience, and whether they are most effective is entirely up to your skill and comfort. Please let us know which equipment and modules you found best for Nimbus!

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