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    Arm Wrestle Simulator is more than your average Roblox clicker experience. While the game has the pets and rebirths I’m used to, I found it a bit more complex to level up. Not only do you have to train three different skills to become stronger, but you also have to fight bosses by clicking if you want to get the victories you need to keep going. So if you need some advice on how to escape the gym in Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator, then read on.

    Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator – How do you escape from school?

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    There are two things you need to do before you can escape the school. You will need to beat the champion and also get 15,000 wins. Unlike other Roblox clicker games, even beating this first boss will take some time. How you go about it is up to you, but make sure you use all of our Arm Wrestle Simulator codes to get a good head start and get all free spins and gifts as soon as they are available on the right side of the screen while playing the game.

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    The following methods will help you improve your strength and escape from the school as quickly as possible:

    • Training: At first get only what you need to fight the boss of your choice, then use pet wins and then rebirths (see below). Once you feel like your training is going fast enough thanks to the pets and reborns you’ve paid for, then comes the big push to become strong enough to beat the Champion.
    • Pets: Pets give you great training bonuses and are permanent, so make sure you get at least three (the most you can have equipped at one time) as quickly as possible.
    • rebirths: Rebirths allow you to train much faster, but every time you reborn it wipes out all your biceps, hand and knuckle strength. I definitely advise you to do at least a few respawns as soon as possible, but only train enough to get to the number of wins you need for each one.

    Note that you don’t need as much power to beat each boss as the recommended numbers suggest. For example, to quickly beat Mafia Boss in auto mode only takes around 150k energy while it suggests you have 572.7k. Once you’ve beaten the Champion Boss once (you probably need around 1m of total power) and have 15,000 wins, you can go through the door and into the Gym, the second area of ​​Arm Wrestle Simulator. Congratulations!

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