Warzone’s Urzikstan Rumored Won’t Have Ranked Mode and Players Aren’t Happy


    Warzone is the best thing to happen to Call of Duty since Zombies and has propelled the franchise to new heights. Throughout Warzone’s life, it has received many updates and content releases that managed to maintain the interest of players. Urzikstan is Warzone 2’s big map but it has yet to receive any love from Activision, now rumors are circulating that this map won’t even see a ranked mode and players are not happy.

    Qwazimoda99 jumped on Reddit to share a circulating rumor that Urzikstan will not be receiving a ranked mode despite the current Warzone World Series taking place in it. They quickly let their feelings be known with the title: “How did you go from best BR on large maps to playing on minimaps in ranked?”

    KingRaphion was quick to jump on the thread with a solid answer, saying: “It’s simple, Resurge has more players than Big Map. Because it has map rotation, it has ranking, and it has revival nostalgia.” His words could not be more true; Warzone Resurgence has been given a lot of content that has kept it fresh and fresh. Urzikstan, however, has received nothing and has been left hanging with players either leaving entirely or moving to Resurgence.

    As someone who hates small maps and resurgence in general, it’s a kick in the teeth for me and my fellow big game fans. If the rumor is true, it can force the ultimatum to play a mode that several players don’t like or stop it altogether.

    Not everyone agrees with my opinion: user Fractales offered a simple statement, saying: “And because rebirth is a much better game mode than a classic battle royale.” Later in the thread, user kgbmoney offered a similar assessment of the large map in Warzone 3, saying: “The large map would have more players if it wasn’t dog shit.”

    While you may not agree, it’s clear that half the player base is happy on Resurgence and Rebirth Island and the other is frustrated that the big map isn’t getting any love. The fact that Activision cannot satisfy both types of gamers is not something new. Call of Duty is a game designed to be played by everyone, new and old, good and bad, but currently it seems like the franchise simply isn’t hitting the right mark with its content for a good portion of its player base. .

    That’s all we have on Urzikstan’s future potential and community sentiment. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content check out DMZ, it was the best thing Call of Duty did since Warzone and Activision killed it, CoD has used up all its goodwill and players are hesitant to commit to buying Black Ops 6 , and Learn more about professional gaming guides.

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