Kingdom: Two Crowns gets brand new DLC with Call of Olympus.

    • Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting brand new DLC after a brief drought.
    • The Call of Olympus takes you to the Greek-inspired islands.
    • Complete quests to earn the favor of the gods, find new upgrades and a new mountain!

    After a long period of relative indolence, the side-scrolling minimalist RTS Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting a brand new DLC that takes you to a whole new land. Olympus’ Call will take you from the Norse and Feudal Japan-inspired lands that have been included so far, and instead take you to the sunny shores of Greek-inspired mountainous islands.

    Kingdom: Two Crowns is a minimalistic RTS where your only control is spending your precious cash. Raise nomads for peasants, grow your kingdom and build walls and other defenses to fight the mad greed that threatens to take your crown and your kingdom.

    Call of Olympus will take you to whole new islands, with more upgrades for your troops to find, a new mount in the form of a Pegasus and a brand new look for all your islands, buildings and subjects. Arriving later this year, it promises to improve upon Kingdom’s simple but compelling premise: two crowns, putting you at the mercy of the gods, completing a powerful bounty quest to fend off the ever-growing threat of greed. By doing

    Then Zeus came along

    While the Kingdom games have their issues, it’s undeniable that they’re pretty fun at their core. So we’re excited to see that Kingdom: Two Crowns is getting new content after a bit of a drought (The Norse Lands DLC re-released in 2021). We’re especially excited to see what’s been added in terms of gameplay, but even seeing a fresh take on the aesthetic makes it a potential buy.

    We don’t have a solid release date yet, but the DLC is slated for release this year. So here’s hoping for a summer fall release!

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