Warframe Dagath Guide: Skills and How to Get Them


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    Dagath is the latest addition to the already huge Warframe roster. Added in the Abyss of Dagath update, she is a Halloween-themed Warframe with plenty of scares for everyone. Her team focuses on dealing damage with the Viral status and spreading it like wildfire. If you want to know more, keep reading, because I’m about to delve deeper into the kit and how you can get your collection to it.

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    Warframe – Dagath, detailed

    Despite its focus on the Viral status, Dagath’s kit is actually not that complicated compared to other boxes on the list. Let’s dive into it, starting with her Passive. When Dagat collect health orbs or energy orbsshe has a set 35% chance Activate abundant abyss, which triples its total production. This is a decent passive, but it’s far from what I would consider strong due to the reliance on an external source to make it work. Now for his skills:

    • Wyrd Scythes – Spectral scythes surround Dagath and attack enemies. Those hit are slowed, affected by Viral, and take some damage. They also spread the mechanics of his second ability, Doom. It costs a base 25 energy.
    • Condemn – Nearby enemies suffer the unique Doom status, dealing a portion of Dagath’s total damage as phantom damage to the target over two-second intervals. Note that phantom damage is considered true damage and cannot be resisted. It costs a base 50 energy.
    • serious spirit – Dagath’s weapon gains a significant boost to critical damage, with the boost doubled on doomed targets. It costs a base 75 energy..
    • Rakhaili Cavalry – A stampede of Phantom Kaithes charge forward, dealing viral damage to everything in their path. Doomed targets are stripped of their defenses. It costs a base 100 energy.

    So, as you can probably see, Dagath’s game plan is to inflict targets with both Viral and Condemn states to completely destroy them with phantom damage. She is a damage-focused Warframe with no defensive powers, so building her will require some degree of focus on survivability. Fortunately, Warframe has many defensive mods that can help.

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    How to get Dagath in Warframe

    Obtaining Dagath is very simple, but requires a bit of effort to achieve. The first thing you’ll want to do is be in a clan that has already been built Dagath’s Gap within your Clan Dojo. This is a requirement, as researching Dagath components requires it. If you are a solo player, you will have to start a clan yourself and work to build this unique room. Building the room takes 24 hours unless you speed up the process with Platinum.

    Once you have built Dagath’s Hollow, head to the Abyssal Zonean Exterminate mission with a unique flavor located in ceres.

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    To access and see this nodeYou will need to Nether Keysthat can be purchased at Faction unions like the Arbiters of Hexis. Each time you complete the mission, you reward between six and eight Vanthorns, which is the main resource needed to investigate Dagath. In terms of overall resources, Dagath costs:

    • 70,000 credits
    • 102 Vanthorns
    • 2000 alloy plates
    • 1,500 saves
    • 1,000 circuits
    • 3 neural sensors
    • 3 neurodes
    • 4 morphs
    • 2 argon
    • 5 control modules
    • 4 gallium
    • 3 orokin cells

    Quite a list of resources, but if you’ve been playing for a while, you probably have all of them except the Vainthrons. Once you have all these resources, head to your foundry and build its components. As with all Warframe builds, be prepared to wait almost a week (or more depending on research time) before Dagath is finished.

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