How to farm Vainthorn in Warframe


    Vainthorn is the newest material added in the Abyss of Dagath update. It serves as a central resource in the construction of Dagath and is needed in abundance. Getting Vainthorn is pretty easy to obtain, but it’s a little tricky if you want to use it sooner rather than later. This is how to farm Vainthorn in Warframe.

    How to get Vainthorn in Warframe

    Vainthorn only comes from one location in Warframe called Abyssal Zone, which is located on the planet Ceres. The Abyssal Zone works like the standard Warframe mission node, but requires you to have a Nether Beacon to be able to access. In fact, if you don’t have an Abyssal Beacon, you can’t see the Abyssal Zone even if you scroll to it in Navigation.

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    Abyssal Beacons can be purchased from any of the faction syndicates, such as the Arbiters of Hexis, Steel Merdian, and New Loka.

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    Regardless of which union you are committed to, you will need to be at least Rank 2 in it to buy the beacons.

    Abyssal Zone is a special variant of the Exterminate game mode in Warframe. Completing this quest will reward you with six to eight Vainthorn per run (eight to twelve in Steel Path). This quest can be played as much as you want as long as you have Abyssal Beacons to use it.

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