Made for this DBD – is it overpowered or nerfed?


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    Perks are one of the essential things for both survivors and killers in Dead by Daylight, but some perks are more popular than others, one of which is a survivor perk called Made for This. He comes with Gabriel Soma and you must increase his prestige level to unlock this benefit for all characters.

    Since the Made for This perk was released for DBD, players have considered this perk overpowered, but is it really or has it been nerfed? This Dead by Daylight guide will tell you how good the Made for This perk is and how to use it.

    How good is the Made benefit for this? (Dead by daylight)

    Image via Behavior Interactive Inc.

    If we talk about statistics of DBD benefits, Made for This is the second most used benefit in-game after Windows of Opportunity, with usage around 25%. The reason for the popularity of the Made for This perk is the ease of activating the Haste effect.

    The buff activates Haste as soon as you’re wounded, which is almost always guaranteed in DBD. Once activated, your running speed increases by 1, 2, or 3%, depending on Gabriel Soma’s prestige level.

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    It may not seem like much, but when you’re spinning the assassin around paddles or searching a vault, it’s all the speed you need. Additionally, the Made for This perk gives you resistance for a few seconds after healing another survivor.

    That said, the Made for This buff is not invincible and there are many ways to counter it. If you play carefully and use your powers at the right time, defeating players using the Made for This perk is easy. Additionally, the Haste effect only works when executed and not with other actions.

    How to use the Done benefit for this?

    There are two different effects for the Made for This perk, and here’s how you can activate each of them.

    • Hurry: To use Haste, you must be in a wounded state, which is obtained after being damaged by the Assassin.
    • Endurance: Lastly, to activate Resistance, you must heal a fellow survivor and you will gain this status for a few seconds.

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