Wall World – Walkthrough Guide


    Still struggling in this game? Digging every cave but found nothing? Here’s a guide to help you beat this game!


    Never kill all the bugs.

    Never kill all the bugs. Leave a bee there, so the next round of Big Rush will never happen, unless you cross the cloud. That way you can save time and focus on digging, and also save points because you don’t have to upgrade the blockage (I don’t know its English name).

    Secret rooms

    A secret room can be found in any cave, regardless of its size. The fastest way to find a secret room is going upstairs.

    Keys and bass

    You need to collect five keys to defeat the final boss. The first key can be found in the lowest cave. The rest of the keys are hidden in the secret rooms of the caves. Each game can have more than one key. A quick way to collect all the keys is to go upstairs to find a secret room in the cave. There are three bosses. The final boss is invincible, unless you hold all five dome keys at the top.

    Some suggestions

    1. Shotgun is the longest weapon. The drone can be useful, but it will wipe out all enemies, which leads to more and more powerful enemies.
    2. Don’t just go up or down. If your speed is fast, you can collect all kinds of resources in every level. I suggest you go to the bottom and then go up.
    3. Don’t waste support for drones, turrets. Focus on the suit and the gun. Killing enemies is useless. The priority is to find secret rooms. So the suit is most important.
    4. The boss is very hard to kill with a gun, the only way is with missiles.
    5. This is a hidden bug, I don’t know if the developer can see it or not. But the truth is, the game will refresh whenever you can. All of the secret rooms will also be updated. This means that if you’re lucky enough to find a secret room for a weapon or upgrade, when you go back across the box, you’ll find that the room has been resealed. And inside is a new weapon or upgrade! I use this method to collect all weapons and upgrades. Maybe I can use this method to collect all the keys if I can find a key room!


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