FUR Squadron – Basic Tips



    Have you ever played any game of this genre? If not, read on.

    Tips and tricks

    Pressing the fire button while moving wildly around the screen might work…. for a while.

    Don’t forget that you can shoot more accurately if you hold down the laser or missile button and move the crosshair over the enemy. This way the target will be selected and when you release the button the shot will follow the enemy until it is destroyed. This is called a guided shot.

    Your starfighter is fast, but not always that fast. Remember that pressing the roll button will not only give you a short speed boost, but it will make you invulnerable for a moment.

    And don’t forget the power-ups! White enemies drop them when you destroy them, and they are very important for making things easier for you. The double laser makes your shots twice as powerful and easier to hit. And missiles are great for dealing a lot of damage to multiple nearby targets at once.



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