Vague patches Notes: An MMO isn’t the same as someone who has a personality



    There’s something you kept stuck with me. This story was relayed back to the old age: Websnark. The essence of the story is what matters. Truthfully, none of the details matter. How far is this coming? This is the series Stan Lee created that will see in the movie Who Wants to be Superhero? from back in 2006.

    The idea of the series was pretty simple: Participants would create their own superhero identities; Lee, who was also host and judge, put them through a tidbit of tests to determine whether they were worthy of being a superhero, based not on the powers they didn’t have, but on the character they displayed. For one particular challenge the goal was to shift quickly into costume and rush to specific point, since the whole point was that superheroes had the opportunity.

    Except for the fact that the challenge wasn’t that at all. That’s the reason for a lost little girl crying towards their destination.

    Nothing was pointing to that girl. None of the participants had been informed that there was a little girl there. In truth, she wasn’t part of the show at all; she was just a little girl crying and seemingly lonely. And many of the participants simply took turns and sat on the goal, which they knew were meant to do that where Stan Lee decided to get dressed for missing the fact that a girl is crying and alone.

    Being a superhero is not about a fighting or fighting bad guys or not in a world where law enforcement is either incapable of or unwilling to protect people, therefore being a vigilante is a net positive for the world rather than horrifying. It’s about choosing to use your powers so as to be a better place in the world. Even if it is impossible to win a foot race, you must make sure that a little girl is safe.

    Now, ask yourself : Is it better if you play City of Heroes? Because I think the answer is kind of yes, please pay attention, but it’s pretty much the whole question.

    I didn’t go to competition. But I think it’s an important lesson, and I had to write almost four hundred words all over this anecdote and what it meant to become a superhero. I wrote a complete eulogy about what it means to be a superhero when CoH shut down, one that people still occasionally reach out to thank me for a reason. I talked about the meaning of the community and what it felt when it felt like that community was shattered forever.

    And nothing of those things involved any knowledge in Enhancement Diversification.

    If you’re told I love video games, please meet you now. You’re not here yet, remark. And, so you can remember, over a year and a half ago I wrote about how hating a game isn’t like creating an individual’s own personality. And one side to it is obvious, but it’s indebted. Taking in a game isn’t just because you like it. A game is more important than mechanical interaction.

    No, I’m not talking about story alone. That has a real influence, though mechanics and development behavior tell a story and weave together all the same values and themes with certainty. Final Fantasy IV is based on its themes, by stories, but also by mechanics, through what encouraged and forbidden, through what developers and GMs choose to let and what they demand to disallow.

    Because of that, I constantly meet people who haven’t given any of that meaning. People who I know love the game, who play the same way as me, who know the same way I do about mechanics and opt for to be close-off, resentful, cruel, capricious, arrogant, and dismissive of others. People who care more for elitism than inclusion wonder why I’m not giving to players without concern for service or recompense just gil.

    I doubt they saw the story. I know they understood the words. I know these people fought back the Endsinger and won. But they didn’t know what happened, and playing FFXIV does not make them the warm, welcoming, gooey of the pan-MMO community. I doubt that they like the game. But it makes them no more better people.

    Entertainment is a good thing. We all need entertainment, because fiction gives us something to hope and seek. But also the hope is of loving something else in spite of the most appropriate kind of value, to cherish the most surface elements and to forget what he says, and to blind himself to false acts in a mistaken effort to assume that if you shut your eyes and sing loudly they’re not real and they can’t hurt you.

    I’ve talked about how a bad reaction to love is not like an ordinary love. The way people think about them and the way they make it better. The games I like are still subject to criticism, and sometimes harsh criticism, because I want them to be better. Not just for good, but for improving.

    Beware of something without acknowledging its flaws is just ignorance.

    Do you like superhero stories? Of course, I do that. Does it exist to me that the idea of being a single point of righteousness against a tide of evil does not merely mean negative and negative ideas, but rather positive ones? Of course, I have done it. And that love is really relevant, to the extent that I use it as a foundation to put me towards better people than others, to stop and help kids who are scared and lost because I haven’t always developed electrokinesis because of the fact that they aren’t good or good or good or good to you or because electrokinesis isn’t good or good, or decent.

    If you grew up loving World of Warcraft, then live life now believing that the establishment is very good? You want to divide the world between the people that are yours and the ones who aren’t, and the second group is actively malaised? Tradition and inheritance matters most, can you evaluate everything in the manner you took it, or to get others to step up?

    So maybe you didn’t actually realize the point. And if you don’t know anything about the game as bad being said about yourself personally, it might become more and more difficult, then you can step away from games. Because at the moment, video games you love tell your personality that they’re inseparable, so that there’s a big, beautiful world full of things.

    Exactly a thought for the beginning of 2023, folks. Let’s listen to music here.

    Sometimes you know exactly what happened with MMO, and sometimes all you’ve got is your Vague Patch Notes, informing you that something has probably been changed. Eliot Lefebvre enjoys analyzing the kinds of notes and the kind of vague elements in the genre as a whole. The potential of this analysis may be adjusted under certain circumstances.



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