Fallout 76 Flatwoods Monster Location and How to Defeat It


    There are plenty of creatures to face in the Wastelands in Fallout 76, from mutated animals to aliens. If you’re on the trail of the Flatwoods Monster, read on to discover its location and how to defeat it.

    The most likely reason you’ll want to hunt down the Flatwoods monster is if you’ve chosen the ally quest. Exterminate the Flatwoods Monster from the punk raider. He is a potential ally of the camp and can be found in the Crater core or in random encounters.

    How to defeat the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76 (Location)

    If you are doing this for another reason (as a journal or as part of an event) and you haven’t spoken to Raider Punk yet, I suggest you do so. The Raider Punk gives you the location as part of his mission and you will also get a reward upon completion. This will also specifically take you to a Flatwoods Mythical Monster (location marked on map below).

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    If you don’t find one at this location, you can find them everywhere Appalachians and has no fixed generation locations. That means you’ll have to search for them in the region or reboot to a different server (or private server). They only appear at night with a 2.5% chance to appear at any creature spawn location. On the positive side, you can’t miss them since they have bright purple eyes and they float menacingly above the ground.

    Image via Official Fallout 76 Wiki

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    Flatwoods Monster Battle Tips

    There are three important things to remember when fighting a Flatwoods monster.

    • Regeneration: Flatwoods monsters regenerate health quickly, so you’ll want to get in close and deal as much damage as quickly as possible.
    • Teleportation: While you want to get close, I’ve found it’s best to use weapons, as the Flatwoods monsters can teleport short distances, making it difficult to hit them in melee.
    • Control: Every monster in Flatwoods can control NPCs and nearby creatures of all kinds, so be careful about additions joining the fight. Any controlled creature will gain a purple glow.

    Also note that the Tales of the West Virginia Hills Magazine #5 The holotape will give you a 15 percent damage bonus against Flatwoods Aliens, including the Flatwoods Monster (the ribbon can be found in several locations, including the Green County Lodge and the Flatwoods Tavern).

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