Tower Defense X Endless Mode Skill Tier List


    He Tower X Defense The Endless Mode update has included eight new skills for you to use. However, it can be difficult to know which skills are best. Luckily, our tier list has ranked each new skill and explained what it does, so you know which one to pick!

    Tower Defense X Endless Mode Power Skills Ranked

    Each skill is unique and has its own set of skills. You can purchase power skills in the game using gold, Robux, through codes, or by reaching certain achievements. In our tier list, S tier means these skills are the best and most powerful, while D tier means the weakest skills.

    Level power capacity
    Yes Storm Raptor, AC-130 support
    TO Air attack, A-10 attack
    b Health box, healing field
    c cash box
    d reconnaissance drone

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    S-level power skills

    • Raptor Storm – Raptor Storm sends F-22 Raptors flying towards your enemies at high speed and also deals high damage. This power skill is great if you are fighting bosses as it is powerful and fast.
    • AC-130 Support The AC-130 support power skill spawns a plane that targets enemies and shoots at them for 45 seconds. This means you won’t have to get as close to enemies to fight them, which will keep you safer.

    A-level power skills

    • Air attack – The Airstrike ability summons a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and allows you to select the area where you want the bomb to land. It is very accurate when landing and deals a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the area it covers is a bit small, meaning you’ll have to use this ability repeatedly to deal a large amount of damage.
    • A-10 Attack The A-10 Strike summons two A-10 Thunderbolts to destroy anything in your path, dealing heavy damage. Best used on bosses or enemies that have medium health. However, it doesn’t offer much more than dealing damage quickly.

    B-level power skills

    • health fund The Health Fund will give you 1000 hp. This is nice if you’re in battle and need to recover quickly, but it doesn’t offer much else beyond that. Many of the bosses have much higher HP and deal more damage, so just being able to gain 1000 HP isn’t much.
    • Healing field – The healing field heals your towers up to their maximum HP, but only does so for 15 seconds. This power skill is only good if you need a quick HP boost (specifically in battle). Unfortunately, 15 seconds is not a lot of time.

    C-level power skills

    • cash box – For beginners, the power ability of Cash Crate is excellent. Having this will fall 1,500 cash. It can be difficult to get cash at the beginning of the game, so it’s helpful when you’re just starting out. After progressing, 1500 cash isn’t much, so it’s only useful to start the game. Getting started can be difficult, but there are plenty of TDX Endless Mode tips and tricks to help you!

    D-level power skills

    • reconnaissance drone – The Recon Drone searches for stealthy enemies and reveals them for three minutes. This is only useful if you have hidden enemies and your towers don’t have stealth detection.

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