Where to find trainers in Wartales (location on map)


    As you build a troop of companions in the medieval role-playing game Wartales, they will level up and you can choose new abilities for them. If you want to change those skills or learn new ones, read my guide on how to find a trainer in Wartales below.

    Where to train companions in Wartales

    Wartales Trainer Locations – Brotherhood Training Grounds

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    The most common way to train your companions in Wartales is in the Brotherhood Training Grounds. There is a Brotherhood training camp in each region of the game and they all offer the same services, although the manuals they offer are random. The map marker is always the same (see above), so they are also easy to spot.

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    Each of the Brotherhood’s training camps offers the following training services:

    • Respecialization: Respecialization costs 500 crowns. It allows you to fully respect any of your companions, bringing them back to level 1 in terms of skills and specialization so you can build them back up as you wish. Please note that you will lose any benefits from the skill mastery or manuals you gave this companion if you reset them.
    • Skill Mastery: Most companion skills can be mastered using a skill mastery book. These can be found as rare items, but can also be purchased at the Brotherhood Training Grounds for 360 crowns each. Once you have a skill mastery book in your inventory, open a companion sheet and look at the skills section. Any skill that can be mastered will have a yellow arrow. If you hover over that skill, it will show you the buff effect. Simply right click on the skill to upgrade it.
    • Manuals: Manuals are books that can be used to give one of your companions a new skill for the price of 360 crowns. Once you have a manual, choose the companion whose skill you want to learn and right click on the manual. Make sure you are not in a store transaction at the time, as this will sell the manual.

    Wartales Trainer Locations: Bandit Den

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    If you can’t find the manuals you’re looking for in the training camps or want to save some crowns, you can also check out the bandit camps you’ve liberated. He black market agent in every bandit camp they will sell you Manuals for 180 crowns. While this is a great bargain, keep in mind that these items count as stolen in your inventory, so you should use them right away. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the Guard if you encounter them along the way (either handing over the Manuals or paying a fine).

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