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    Upgrading your Quincy’s build with attachments/accessories is crucial, and the Cybernetics Box is your key to obtaining rare attachments. This guide will walk you through getting a Cybernetic Box in Type Soul and exploring possible attachments for Quincy.

    How to get the Cybernetic Box in Type Soul

    Cybernetics Box is only available as a reward after defeating any type of boss that already provides a legendary reward. To earn a shot at Cybernetic Box, I recommend farming the following bosses and raids in their respective locations.

    • BawaBawa (Wako Mundo): This snake-like NPC appears every 1 hour on the server. He tries to bring 2 to 3 friends to the battle and uses long-range attacks from afar to defeat the beast. Spam your long range attacks and reposition the entire fight to defeat the boss.
    • KT Raids (Karakura City): Many players have reported that they obtained the Cyber ​​Box after finishing the Karakura Town raid. The raid occurs every 1 hour and you can participate with your friends in any game mode, such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Team Deathmatch (based on voting). Be victorious and pray to obtain the item.

    Apart from the above two methods, I suggest trade with other players. Try sending a message on the Type Soul Discord server for such potential sellers and try to get one of them for other valuable in-game items or real money. Be careful when trading as there are dozens of scammers on the community servers. Only place a trade if you feel confident about the transaction.

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    How to use Cybernetic Box in Type Soul

    Image via Revolver AGZ

    Once you have obtained a Cyber ​​Box, you can find it in the items section. Open the menu and click the Equip button to use Cybernetic Box. After equipping the item, your character will immediately die and respawn with a random accessory on their arm.

    All Quincy Attachments in Type Soul

    There are currently three Quincy attachments in Type Soul. You get one of these at random after opening a Cyber ​​Box in the game.

    Image via AGZ revolver
    • Flamethrower: As the name suggests, this blue long sword can shoot flames in any direction. It is an excellent accessory for short and long range fights.
    • Claw: The claw is a melee type accessory that is good in close range combat. It is very beneficial for players who like to grab other players and attack by running forward.
    • machine gun: Minigun is just an automatic version of Glock. It fires bullets quite quickly and is suitable for players who love long-range fights.

    How to use a Quincy accessory in Type Soul

    You can use a Quincy accessory in Type Soul using the following key combinations.

    • personal computer: Yeah
    • xbox: D-Pad down
    • games station: D-Pad down

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