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    Tonight is Bergmite’s Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO. This Ice-type Pokemon will soon appear with a bit of an increased frequency in the wild from 67 o’clock tonight, Tuesday 19th December. The problem is that it’ll respond more frequently to Incense and even pop up at times that aren’t normally active. If you are not the only one who does not realize that you will want to act that Incense buff, then you will need to get out there and walk. That’s the third of four Spotlight Hours of December 2022 in Pokemon GO. Keep reading about the next post on the Spotlight Hour for this month. However, first, let’s introduce the full details of tonight’s offer and bonus.

    Taking a rock in Pokemon Go. Thanks: Niantic

    I like GO withPokemon. The first Winter Holiday event of the year in April was officially announced. The Winter Holiday Party introduced Shiny Bergmite, so the fact that it was actually a very great opportunity for me to hunt for Shiny Bergmite in the winter.

    The standard Bergmite, pictured above, is mostly blue and bears white underbelly. His eyes are yellow and purple. Bergmite isn’t getting enough sleep. Shiny Bergmite keeps the red top half with yellow eyes but its underbelly and legs turn yellow and the circle around his eyes turn green. The big picture on the wind is of the night, and I think that that’s on purpose.

    This morning there is a double candy bonus for catching. If there’s any other items, you can use this too much. If you don’t catch anything during this hour’s Spotlight, I recommend to get your money in a hurry. Until Halloween becomes a special day, then candy can do a magic job.

    There are the Spotlight Hours and the bonuses coming in December 2022, respectively.

    • December 27, 2022: Cubchoo with double candy for transferring.

    Here are the remaining events coming to Pokemon GO in December 2022.

    • November 23: Winter Holidays.
    • October 23: The 1st and 22nd January 2023: Kyurem enters fifth phase of the raid.
    • Day of the Raid Day for Hisuian Avalugg in December 2nd, March 18, marks his first encounter with him in the action. He was accompanied by hisuian Avalugg from 2 in five.
    • This October, 25th, 2022 – Winter Wonderland is the event.
    • 01.02: Ukrainisches Raid Hour.



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