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    It’s that time of year when we like to take stock of what’s been happening over the past 12 months. And while it’s been a very difficult time for many of us around the world, for reasons ranging from political and financial to environmental, it’s particularly nice to be able to spend a few minutes with some of the most fun video games of 2022 to lighten the load for a while. little bit. From shooters and RPGs to social and rhythm games, here are the game titles that made us laugh last year.

    shadows over disgust

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    The team at Asymmetric Publications have been making us moan through their series of games since the launch of the highly successful browser-based Kingdom of Loathing in 2003. Each new game has improved the quality of the gaming experience while sticking to the tried and true. checked. formula of stickman art, a very strange universe and dad jokes. Shadows Over Loathing adds a nice Lovecraftian touch to the usual assortment of wanderers, vampires, barbecue forks for gunsand meat as currency.

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    Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

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    If there’s one thing you need to get right if you’re making a Ghostbusters game, it’s comedy. And Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed delivered. It’s an asymmetrical multiplayer FPS experience that returns to the characters from the original movies as you’re employed as a new Ghostbuster. But it really gets fun when you turn the tables and play as a ghost instead, causing their own chaos. Fans of the series will love all the references to the original movies, especially the Monologues with the voice of Dan Aykroyd.

    Return to Monkey Island

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    It’s the game that many fans of the Monkey Island universe thought we’d never see. But the sixth installment in the series that began in 1990 hit our machines in 2022. With the exception of a graphical style overhaul, all the hallmarks of comedy that made this franchise one of the biggest point-and-click hits in history are back on display. With Le Chuck, Stan, Bob and Murray Among the returning favorites, the nostalgia is as thick as the gags, especially at the end.

    Baby I joined a cult

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    Base building management sims often add elements of humor, but few have done it as thoroughly as Honey, I joined a cult. The 70s vibe and cutesy art style it sets the tone, while the options for your cult theme and style are a really nice touch. But what really makes him sing is looking at the little interactions between members of his cult as they go about their daily tasks, and the little side missions you can send them on to get rich, I mean further the cause.

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

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    This spin-off of the Borderlands series is the sequel to Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Again set in the fantasy-themed tabletop RPG, this action-packed FPS also packages with a lot of humor. The voiceover and soundtrack are enough to make you smile from the start, everything has the feeling of being from the feverish mind of a nerdy teenager who has eaten too much sugar. And the complete action that induces a smile perfectly matches the mood.

    Between the US virtual reality

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    Sometimes the humor in a game comes from those who play it, and not just from the game itself. Among Us’ cute and colorful cartoon style certainly sets the stage for a fun experience, but this multiplayer social deduction experience it is up to the players themselves to create the tension and humor themselves. As the crewmates try to uncover the Imposters, the results can be incredibly fun to watch and listen to as the the sound effects are also absolutely brilliant.

    high up in life

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    if you are going to leave rick and morty co-creator Justin Roiland creates the sci-fi world for his FPS, it’s unlikely to end up as too serious a gaming experience. We’re done with a silly, borderline outrageous, and utterly absurd action-adventure packed with ridiculous alien enemies, talking weapons, and just enough irreverent humor to make up for the slightly disappointing gameplay. Come for the comedy.

    trombone champion

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    When it comes to listing the funniest musical instruments in all mediums, the trombone is on a par with the accordion, the bagpipes and the kazoo. So it seems like a master choice to use in a humorous rhythm game where you’re trying to honk, blow and honk your way to be the champion. And it’s a proper game, with artist cards to collect and over 20 songs to master. Also, baboons. Lots and lots of baboons.

    goat simulator 3

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    When the original Goat Simulator landed in 2014, the obvious question was: who the hell needs a Goat Simulator? Now, with two sequels, that has changed to who doesn’t need one? The silly premise of the original remains, as you wander the world trying to deal as much damage as humanly possible. but now with added cooperative and competitive multiplayer modesincluded hoof. We can’t think of a better use for the Unreal Engine…

    worship of the lamb

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    Typical, right? Silly games about cults do not appear for a long time, and then two appear at once. While Cult of the Lamb also has strong management elements, as with Honey I Joined a Cult above, this is also a semi-roguelike adventure experience. The adorable illustrations and the creature sounds do a great job of softening the gothic theme, making this an odd one out, darkly humorous experience with more than a hint of horror thrown in for good measure.

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