Tonight Is Cobalion Raid Hour In Pokemon GO: December 2022


    I heard about the Sword of Justice. The three Legendary Swords of Justice is on its way out of Pokemon GO, but it’ll be the star of tonight’s Raid Hour. On thursday, Wednesday, 20 December the Cobalion Raid Hour is in Pokemon GO where, from 6 PM 7 PM, most Gyms of the game will see animal 5 eggs in the cobalion that will hatch into the fight-like cobalion. The Fighting-type thief will come with the Away, a Sacred Sword, during the Raid Hour. This move is necessary to make Cobalion meta-relevant in Pokemon GO. This isn’t recommended because it is necessary to get the hour out before Kyurem takes Cobalion’s place to take his place as the Raid Boss this week.

    Pokemon GO, cobalion. I have no credit for Niantic.

    Outside the Friday Cobalion Raid Hour, there’s still a lot to come in this month’sPokemon GO. Mega Glalie was in Mega Raids as a person, with the same role as one at the end of the month as a random mega was entered on January 1st. The rest of the day of a December Raid which includes:

    • Second grade: Halloween party Pikachu, Halloween party Eevees, Alolan Sandshrew, Galarian Darmanitan, Holiday ribbons, birthday cake Cubchoo.
    • Day Three: Undersea Holiday Outfit Glaceon, Holiday Ribbon Delibird, Lapras, Cloyster.
    • Five point: Kyurm
    • Mega arrows: Mega starved: Mega Glalie.

    All of them can be Shiny. You could lose some Raid Passes on Cloyster raids. Glalie can definitely be Shiny as its unlocked Shiny encounters Mega-drop and Cobalion during tonight’s Raid Hour, and Kyurem when it takes over can also be Shiny.

    In Pokemon GO, we will have a Avalugg Raid Day, the year of his ward on Christmas Eve.

    • Time and time: Saturday, December 24, 2022 from 14:00 a.m. to 18:00 a.m.
    • I have the debut of three-star raids by Hisuian Avalugg.
    • Three identical Shiny Drop: Hisuian Avalugg debut with its Shiny form already unlocked. During the event, it will increase Shiny every year.
    • Enjoy up to five additional daily rewards with spinning gym photos.


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