The American gamers brought against Microsoft that would stop the sale of Activision



    According to the Reuters news agency, players resigned from the US prosecutors. They attempted to protect the sale of Activision Blizzard. The plaintiffs are ten gamers from New Mexico, California and New Jersey. The complaint came a month ago, after the Federal Trade Commission approved a thorough examination of the deal, which could be the largest ever acquisition in the world history.

    The players complained that Microsoft would become a big industry force, and this would allow it to force out competitors, limit production, reduce price and further suppress competition.

    A counsel for the defendant made statement, too. Joseph Savery filed a complaint in San Francisco for his clients.

    As video game market continues to evolve, it is more important to protect it from monopoly mergers that will threaten the buyers in the long run.

    Joseph Savery, an attorney, is a lawyer.

    The European regulators turned to developers and publishers to find out how the gaming industry was about to take over the next step. In particular, representatives of the regulators was interested in the fact that Activision has the price policy and the importance of the franchise. Call for Duty for distributors.



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