Take-Two ad complained to the Goat Simulator 3 ad with a film taken by GTA



    Developers Goat Simulator 3 released a promotional video on social networks. That caused discontent among the representatives of Take-Two publishing house. The footage was captured by a leaked build of Theft Auto VI, whose gameplay was leaked in July. A parody video recently showed a digital stuntman who allegedly works as a whipping doll in the videogame industry. The character also attends the Ragdoll classes, to learn how to fall and in love with the environment with the greatest advantage. In one scene, the hero of the video stated he had plenty of experience behind him, after which the new GTA was shown on the screen. In this regard, a similar character was a visitor to an institution robbed by the main character.

    Using footage of an unannounced game a really bad thing. The publisher sent the relevant complaints, and it took time to remove the video. The company failed to re-upload the video to YouTube and Twitter, but soon had to contact the moderators for any cleaning.

    The announcement of Goat Simulator 3 took place in June, and the developers immediately began to mock the gaming industry. The game’s creator did not only do the second part, but also the trailers and its trailer did not ridicue the announcement video, which became apparent late Dead Island 2.

    Igromania is a newbie, but that’s what I re-opened about.



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