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    Free-to-play website Crazy Games has a fine tradition in breaking point-and-click adventure games and escape rooms, with The Witchling being another great example. The games tend to be relatively short but satisfyingly challenging, making them perfect for that post-work or school distraction when you want to use your brain. If you’re struggling with it though, read on for my full The Witchling walkthrough. 

    The Witchling full walkthrough and puzzle solutions

    The game begins in a village in which a priest has begun to preach against pagan rites, despite clear signs this could lead to trouble. Soldiers storm the island where a witch is believed to live, but many don’t return and the village is cursed. You are now tasked with traveling to the island to break the curse.

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    In general, move the cursor around the screen and watch for it to change shape. An i means you’ll receive a description by hovering over an item, a magnifying glass means you can click to inspect something (in your inventory), while a hand indicates an item you can click to interact with it (pick it up, talk to a person, etc). The h can give you a hint while the star (bottom left) points out exits (also marked with an arrow when you hover over them). 

    Head to the island

    In the opening scene, you can talk to the soldier and the priest for a bit of chat but it proves fruitless. Click the Oars on the harbor to add them to your inventory, then select them and click the boat to sail to the island. When you arrive, there is nothing to do on the initial screen. Click the right of the screen to move on.

    The herbalist’s hut 

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    You have a choice of three paths: up into the trees, down the way you came, or left towards the home of Herbalist Cornelius. Head left. When you arrive at his hut, it’s clear things didn’t work out so well for Cornelius. Select the dog kennel (a1) and click the entrance in the close-up to find a Key. Pick up the Plank (a2), then select the door of the house (a3) for a close-up. Use the plank here to scale the hole, then click the small cupboard door (see below) and use the key to open it, taking the Plague Mask and a Knife.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Back outside, use the knife in the kennel close-up (a1) to take the Dog Leash. Inspect your doll in your inventory, then use the knife on it to get inside and take the Key. Also, use the knife to collect some Lavender (a4).

    Image by MyFullGames

    Head back to the boat and go left, and then use the knife to get another (unnamed) Herb (b1).

    Clearing the green smoke

    Image by MyFullGames

    Move back to the three-path crossing and head up, into the woods, and then up again to the blocked cave entrance. Go up once more, out of the woods, and move towards the green smoke on the scene where you see the stone circle. Select the mask in your inventory and inspect it (magnifying glass). Add the lavender, then click the mask in the close-up and put it on. You’ll now see a new icon on the mask in your inventory, showing you’re wearing it (c1). You can now click the smoke (c2) and enter the cave.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the pile of stones at the bottom of the cave screen (d1) to move them, then click again for a close-up. Use your key on the grey wheel, then click it again to turn it. The gas disappears and you remove the mask. Take the key back, then click the right of the screen for another close-up. Click the crank (d2) to open the portcullis, then click the door (d3) to enter.

    The study and library

    Image by MyFullGames
    Image by MyFullGames

    Now at the chasm, select the cave exit (e1), then the door on the left (f1) when you get to the crossroads. Use your key to go inside the study (you’ll get the key back automatically).

    Image by MyFullGames

    Take the Feather (g1) and then open the drawer (g2) and take an Ornate Key and a Parchment. Note you can change the color order of the circles on the ornate key if you inspect it, while the parchment seems to have two codes: mine were MDII (mountain control) and CLIV (apothecary shop).

    Select the book (g3) and click the pages to move through a long diary full of clues, which also gives you a lot of background information about your mother. Leave by the door (g4), and go down the tunnel on the right (f2) to enter the library.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Click the book (h1) to read it, clicking the right side of the book in the close-up to flip through the pages until you see a message saying a plant in it looks familiar. Select the unknown herb in your inventory, and click the book page you’re on, to find that it is Belladonna

    The ornate key door puzzle

    Move to the chasm room and select the door with a sun image in its center (e2). You need the right combination of colors to be set on the ornate key for it to open the lock. You can do this by trial and error, as each time you try to unlock the door with the key it gives you clues as to how many colors you have correct (yellow is the right color and right place, white is the correct color but in the wrong position. The yellow and white dots DO NOT match the sequence, they just tell you how many you have correct/partly correct). 

    Image by MyFullGames

    Get a close-up of the ornate key in your inventory (see above) and click the colored dots to change them. When you put the key in, it’ll show your color combination (i1 below). Click the key again to see the matches (i2), then again to remove the key if it isn’t correct. The combination seems to be different in each play, so I can’t give you the combination.

    Image by MyFullGames

    In my example, I know I have either an aqua or a red in my answer, but in the wrong place. In the second line around, I now know the aqua on the outside must be in the right spot, so I also know there are no more aqua, yellow, or red dots in my combination. 

    Once all dots are yellow in the lock, click the key once more and the door slides up. Head into the room behind it and take the glowing Orb. Leave the room and the door will lock behind you once more. 

    The normal key door puzzle

    Image by MyFullGames

    Back outside, put the normal-looking key in the door (e2), and note the color sequence. Take the key back and then head back to the library and click the book (h1) once more to read it. Note the corners of each page have a color and a matching letter (see above). Again, I can’t give you the answer as the sequence is randomized for each play

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    Note the letter sequence matching your color sequence, then come out of that close-up and select the left bookshelf (h2) to get a close-up of the books. Click the lettered books in this sequence and a drawer below should open (if it doesn’t work, try the sequence backward). Take The Tooth from the drawer that opens. 

    Opening the other doors

    While in the library, also note and remember the colors of the book pages that match the two sequences you found on the parchment. For example, mine was:

    • MDII (mountain control): yellow, red, purple, purple 
    • CLIV (apothecary shop): dark blue, green, purple, aqua

    Set the ornate key to the mountain control combination, and use it to open the left-side door by the chasm (e3) and head inside.

    Image by MyFullGames

    Pick up the Pliers (k1) and the Lamp (k2), then note that two of the dials (k3 and k4) and spinning. Turn the central valve (k5) until the dials stop spinning, then use the pliers on the valves on the right (k6) and left (k7) to take both Valves

    Image by MyFullGames

    Return to the crossroads and click the top door (f3). Click the small opening (l1) for a close-up and take the Handle. Use the handle on the door (l2), turn it, then open the door (l3). Walk through the door.

    The vicious plants

    Image by MyFullGames

    Take the Axe (m1) from the soldier on the right, then use it on the face (m2) in close-up to clear the mud from its mouth. After a cut scene, you’ll find yourself outside the door again. Take the handle back out of the door. If you look through the little window in the door (l4) you’ll see the plant on the other side, so you’ll need to deal with it now. 

    Return to the mountain control room and add the two valves back to the machine, this time in the reverse order (so the broken one is at k7). Turn the right valve (k6) to its left-right facing position, then turn the central valve (k5) until the dial on the right is turning. Return to the tunnel (l1), add the handle to the valve here and the dial on the left should be turning, while the upward one stops. This means the gas should be going into the cave.

    Look back through the door’s window (l4) and the plant should be gone. Go back to the tunnel (l1), turn the handle and remove it, then use it on the door (l2 then l3) once more and go back into the room. You’ll now find a dead plant with the dead soldiers, so (using the pliers) pick up some Thorns

    The bear in the woods

    Image by MyFullGames

    Head out of the caves and back along the path towards the boat. When you get to the woods, you’ll see a bear (above) that wasn’t there before. Make steps towards it when prompted, then follow the bear to a clearing. Take the Tiny Key (n1). 

    Image by MyFullGames

    There’s also an exit to the right, which takes you to a strange boulder. Talk to it, and it will ask you to make it laugh. Have as much of a conversation as you like with it, to find out it desperately needs to laugh. Once you’re done, come out of the conversation close-up and use your feather on the boulder. After a cut scene, approach the goat for another close-up and take the Braid

    Charming the bear

    Back inside the caves, return to the study (through e3), and use the tiny key to open the box (g5), taking the Clay Flute from inside. Return to the bear in the woods, select the flute in your inventory, and click the flute to play a tune. When the charmed bear approaches you, use the dog leash on the bear, which will be added to your inventory. 

    Head right back to the herbalist’s hut, get a close-up of the herbalist’s remains (a5), and attach the bear to the plant. Play the flute as you did before and the bear will pull the plant from the ground. You’ll lose the bear, but get a Root in exchange. 

    The Powder of Sorrow

    Image by MyFullGames

    Return to the caves and set your ornate key to the settings for the apothecary shop (for me this was dark blue, green, purple, aqua). Once set, enter the apothecary (e4). Take the Bowl (o1), Urn (o2), and the Tears of Oizys (o3), then open the drawer (o4) and read the instructions. You need:

    • Three ounces of Ash
    • Three drops of Tears of Oizys 

    Head back to the herbalist’s hut, get a close-up of the inside, and use the urn on the cauldron (on the other side of the plank) to get the Ash. Return to the apothecary, add the bowl (which weighs two ounces) to the scales (o5), add five ounces of weights (o6), then use the urn on the bowl on the scales to get you Three Ounces of Ash

    Take the bowl of ash, examine it in your inventory, and then select the Tears of Oizys in your inventory. Use it on the ashes three times. You should get a message saying, This looks promising. You now have the Powder of Sorrow. Take the Amphora (o7) and head out of the apothecary and down the steps outside (e5). 

    The giant cauldron

    Image by MyFullGames

    Select the top turning mechanism (p1) for a close-up and click the (see below) to take the Key. Now select the huge cauldron (p2) for a close-up of an identical machine, add the key you just picked up to it, and turn the handle to release the water from the cauldron. Turn the handle back afterward and take back the key. Now use the key on the front identical machine (p3), filling the cauldron with fresh water. Take the key back once more

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    Now add the amphora, mandrake root, nymph’s hair (the braid), and belladonna root to the cauldron. Put the key back in the original machine (p1), turn the handle, and you’ll boil the water. Now add the Powder of Sorrow and a purple plume of smoke will rise from the cauldron. 

    The stone circle

    Image by MyFullGames

    Leave the caves, then head up the hill (c3) to the stone circle. Get a close-up of the central mechanism (r1), add the tooth to the small hole, and the thorns to the large hole, then click the tooth to turn the mechanism. Steps should rise up to the front-left pillar (r2). Click it to talk to the pillar, add the eye (the orb) from your inventory, and light will show a passage on the back-right stone door (r3). Click it to go inside.

    Click the robbed woman, then drink from the chalice. You’ll be transported to the scene where you got the unnamed herb at the beginning. Take the Pouch that has appeared on the statue here (b2), open it to get a Pendant, return to the boat, and head back to the village to conclude the game.  

    There are apparently two alternate endings, where you’ll raise the other stone paths to the other pillars and choose a different one to gain entry to the other doorways and endings. If you find them, let me know in the comments below. 

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