How to get the secret character in Sonic Superstars


    There are four playable characters in Sonic Superstars at the beginning of the game. But there is also a secret unlockable fifth character, and you can get it simply by playing. Here’s how I unlocked her and everything you need to know about this secret Sonic character.

    The secret unlockable character in Sonic Superstars

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    Trip the Sungazer is the secret character. He has appeared in two previous Sonic titles: Sonic Superstars: Fang’s Big Break and Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble. In both titles, Trip appears in full armor and his face is never shown. But Sonic Superstars gives us a look at what’s under that massive helmet of his.

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    How to unlock Journey in Sonic Superstars

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    To unlock Trip the Sungazer in Sonic Superstars, all you have to do is complete the story once with any of the four playable characters. After defeating Eggman in the final world, Trip will become a playable character that can be selected from the menu. She has her own version of the story, so I highly recommend replaying the entire game with her and her unique powers.

    • Trip has a wall climb where he turns into a lizard-like donut that can spin off even the steepest cliffs.
    • When in his donut form, Trip’s entire body is covered in spikes, which will quickly dispatch any enemies in his path.
    • She has a rotating board.
    • Trip can also use a double jump.
    • Instead of becoming blonde and invincible like Sonic, Trip turns into a flying golden dragon-lizard that can breathe fire from its mouth.

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