The update from Cowabunga Collection can add additional features and strengthen online


    Grow in a glass bowl.

    The Cowabunga Collection is now available to download on all platforms, with a set of highly-requested tweaks across all titles, and a fresh round of bug stomps and high-end online capabilities.

    There are several changes covered in the official patch notes. The most impressive examples have the PlayStation 4 controller support for the PS5 and the arcade console support for Xbox, and a selection of four filters for all Game Boy titles. As part of its strategy, there was a wide range of switch and option settings for numerous titles, with new tips and guidance added to the in-game guidebook.

    In relation to digital connectivity, TMNT IV: Turtles in Time now supports multiplayer, while the future update will add the same feature to TMNT III: The Manhatten Project. With the support of all games and their online stability improved, the players can set up a lobby for the two arcade releases, so that they can limit them to two or four players as they wish. To complete all of these, several bugs have been fixed, while reversals have been applied to the U.S. and menus.

    The Cowabunga collection seems to be too good so it may not be true. Normally when a collection like this is put together, red tape and licensing snafus keep few titles off-grid, but Konami has successfully gathered together all of the most memorable TMNT adventures from arcade, home console and handheld to fun features and games support. With this new update (and a lot more updates planned), the collection remains an absolute must-buy for any fan of the Heroes in a Half-Shell.

    The Cowabunga Collection is now available on PlayStation, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


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